“You’re not drinking? Then what is it!”

It was past midnight on the 22nd of last month, on a road in Namyangju, Gyeonggi.

A 112 report was received saying that there is a vehicle suspected of drunk driving.

“There was a car driving in the lane, so I thought it was drowsy driving, so I honked the horn and suddenly ran away at a speed of over 170 km/h메이저놀이터.”

The dispatched police soon stopped a vehicle suspected of drunk driving in front of a convenience store.

The driver, a male Egyptian national in his 30s, got out of the car.

However, the man did not smell of alcohol at all.

When the police try to talk to him to identify him, the man shows a look of uneasiness and speaks gibberish.

A breathalyzer was immediately taken, but it was confirmed that he had not been drinking.

Just when the police were wondering why he was driving without drinking, a crucial additional tip came in from the reporter.

“I saw this foreigner hiding something in the passenger’s box.”

After receiving the tip, the police immediately start searching the inside of the vehicle.

After a while, an envelope was found in the car, and when the envelope was opened, an ocher-colored cookie about 5 cm in size was found.

Sensing something, the policeman looks at the cookie and repeatedly asks, “What the hell is this?”, but the man is silent.

A police officer arbitrarily accompanies a man who is clearly embarrassed to the police box.

After a while, a detective from the drug task force arrives at the police box and conducts a drug component test.

As a result of the test, about 51 g of hemp components were detected in this cookie.

Police arrested the Egyptian man for violating the Narcotics Control Act and handed him over to prosecutors.

The police delivered a letter of appreciation to the reporter, saying, “The reporter actively reported and provided additional information, so the drug offender could be arrested on the spot.”

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