Youngjin Song, KT’s new coach, “I have a strong desire to win… I will show you quick basketball”

“I think there are definitely concerns.”

Suwon KT’s new head coach Song Young-jin (45) said this about some of the eyes surrounding his appointment. KT is a team aiming to win, but he knows that fans’ concerns are inevitable as he has no managerial experience. Director Song, however, asked for trust and support, saying, “I can confidently say that I will work harder than anyone else.” He also announced his intention to create a team with a ‘championship’ that fans hoped for.

Director Song Young-jin, who was appointed as KT’s new manager as the successor to manager Seo Dong-cheol, said in a recent phone call with this magazine, “I was suddenly contacted the day before the announcement (13th). I think the company must have been deeply concerned,” he said. “But everyone has a first time. I am confident that I will make the coaching life and what I have learned while serving many coaches appropriately with the coaching staff.”

KT was a strong favorite to win this season. However, it finished 8th in the regular league and failed to advance to the playoffs (PO). KT, who had said goodbye to coach Seo, entrusted the baton to coach Song, who was the head coach, through an internal promotion. The long-standing relationship with KT and the fact that he accurately grasps the players as he serves as the head coach were the background for KT to pick coach Song as the new command tower instead of outside personnel.

Director Song said, “I think there is no way to repay you other than to make a good team and do your best not to disappoint expectations메이저놀이터.” “KT was a team with deep affection. He joined LG, but later played 10 seasons at KT. When Cho Dong-hyun (now Ulsan Hyundai Mobis) coach led KT, he also served as a coach. It was a team that I was interested in even when I was out of the team and thought of it as my hometown. I think it can be a good synergy with juniors and current players.”

Although this season was sluggish, KT is still evaluated as having the power to win the championship, including Yang Hong-seok, Ha Yoon-ki, and Heo Hoon (Sangmu), who will be discharged in November. Director Song said, “It is true that there are a lot of expectations, so it is also a lot of pressure.” In addition, as domestic basketball has a large proportion of foreign players, we will prepare well to select good players and create synergy.”

“The basketball trend itself these days is fast basketball. I go into a lot of quick and early, and I also prefer that kind of basketball,” he added.

Although he is taking his first steps as a command tower, Director Song is taking his aim high. In particular, as he is responsible as the head coach for this season’s sluggish performance, Coach Song’s will is that he will definitely repay the fans in terms of performance. It is also the only way to dispel concerns about yourself.

Coach Song said, “Assuming that free agent Yang Hong-seok remains and Heo Hoon returns and adapts well, I want to set a big goal.” ”he said.

He said, “I will try to get rid of the regrettable parts of this season as much as possible through practice and become a team that can rise to the next level with championship rights.” My thirst for victory is also great for me. I can confidently say that I will work harder than anyone else. I hope you look forward to it,” he stressed.

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