“You want to catch me? Then leave Kim Min-jae and Osimen behind”… ‘Notice’ from the Napoli coach

Victory is the snow that fell yesterday.

Napoli has not yet lifted the trophy, but it is showing signs of suffering from the possibility of the departure of key members of the squad.

Following the prospect of moving to the prestigious Juventus in the same league, manager Christian Giuntoli, who signed Kim Min-jae and Hvica Kvarachhelia last summer and made a surprise victory this season, is raising the possibility that manager Luciano Spalletti will also leave. .

Napoli is planning to use a one-year extension option that will allow the club to unconditionally press manager Spalletti. However, the reality is that if the big clubs in the Premier League or Serie A lure Spalletti with a lot of money, Napoli will not be able to hold on to it.

Meanwhile, the conditions for Spalletti to remain at Napoli have been revealed. Remaining main player Kim Min-jae is one of the options to 바카라사이트capture Spalletti’s heart.

Italy’s leading newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ reported on the 6th that coach Spalletti will remain in Naples next season to win two consecutive Serie A titles and challenge for the top of the UEFA Champions League.

The newspaper said that the first priority is to keep all of Naples’ ‘Big 3’ Kim Min-jae, Victor Osimen, and Kvarazhelia. It is the attitude that coach Spalletti can upgrade his tactics developed this season only when key members of the offense and defense stay for at least one more season.

Among them, Kvarazhelia is likely to remain in Napoli next season.

However, from big clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich, Osimen, whose transfer fee is rumored to be around 150 million euros (approximately 200 billion won), will receive 50 million euros (approximately 70 billion won) from July 1st to 15th. ) It was not easy to hold on to Kim Min-jae, who had a buyout clause, so it became Spalletti’s first priority for coach Napoli to make quick results in negotiations on renewal of contracts with the two players.

Another is to increase the contract period along with the salary increase. The newspaper said, “Currently, coach Spalletti wants to increase the annual salary from 2.5 million euros (about 3.5 billion won) to 2.8 million euros (about 4.1 billion won) and extend the contract period to several years.”

It is not too difficult for Napoli to raise the salary and extend the contract period, so capturing Kim Min-jae and Osimen is expected to be a card for the Napoli club that can capture Spalletti’s heart.

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