Yeom Gyeong-yeop + Go Woo-seok + Lee Ji-gang… Shin Min-jae’s lake rain saved many lives.

Episode 9. The score is 4-3. The away team, which is only one point ahead, is in trouble. The signs are already serious. After one out, he was unable to stop No. 9 Oh Seon-woo. It’s a walk. Choi Jeong-yong, a fast-moving pinch runner, replaces first base. It looks like a bit of a pain in the ass. (19th Gwangju, KIA-LG)

Next is No. 1 Choi Won-jun. He already has two hits. First of all, the count should not be chased. A strike is needed. The first pitch was a fast ball (154 km) thrown into the zone. But that was what I was aiming for. The bat comes out at the right time. A powerful barrel hit passes through the first baseman.

It’s a hit next to right field. A runner on first base is sufficient to reach third base. 1 out, 1st and 3rd bases. An outfield fly or infield ground ball is also fine. A single batted ball can be exchanged for a score. Now it has become an unknown game. Champions Field is heating up.

The away team’s bench is busy. The pitching coach is rushed to the mound. This is to give you a moment to catch your breath. Catchers also have a lot of work to do. Each player must give a defensive sign. When a runner runs on first base, where will I throw the ball? Such settings are also notified to the fielders in advance.

It is a fateful at-bat. No. 2 Kim Do-young comes in with a very harsh expression. First pitch miss swing. And it’s the second pitch. A brief contact was made with the inside fast ball (153 km). It’s not a bad hit. With one bounce, he is well over the pitcher’s height. It is a hit course. Excited cheers erupt from the audience.

But alas. Someone is guarding the street. He is a second baseman. He catches the ball nimbly from behind the base. And the dazzling steps begin. Hit second base, jump and shoot to first base. Two outs go up at once. It is a double play that ends the game.

This is a ball that would normally fall in front of center field. But it was a victory for defensive position. It was a shift to prepare for a steal and double play by a runner on first base. The second baseman took a few steps toward the base and settled down. Thanks to this, it was possible to handle it without any problems.

Of course, location alone does not solve everything. Even a little bit of stuttering can cause things to go wrong. Even if just one person is saved, victory is lost. Agile but solid movements, quick and accurate delivery. It is the work of an almost perfect one-man show.바카라사이트

At that moment, sighs of despair fill the home team’s cheering seats. On the contrary, dizzying cheers erupt from the visiting team’s dugout. The main character of the biggest action is different. This is director Yeom Kyung-yeop. Clench both your fists. And let out a loud roar. Maybe it looks like a winning pose.

Why not? The closing pitcher was brought in in the 8th inning. He was entrusted with 6 outs to keep 1 point. At first glance, it seems like an unreasonable prescription. If he had failed, the aftereffects would have been severe. He must have suffered from all kinds of criticism. It was the defense that prevented that.

Of course, Go Woo-seok, a member of the party, also relieved himself. It’s already getting a lot of attention these days. This is due to several slumps. There are quite a few fans who are resentful. Because my grades aren’t good, there’s a lot of gossip. What about the slider, what about the protest. I also suffer from such gossip. If this victory was lost… . You may probably have trouble sleeping at night for a while.

However, there is another decisive beneficiary. Starting pitcher Lee Ji-gang. He is from the 2019 draft (9th round pick). The reasons for joining the team are controversial. Lee Jeong-yong, Jeong Woo-young, Moon Bo-kyung, etc. He has firmly established himself in the first team and has risen to stardom.

Compared to that, it is much too late. First, the military issue was resolved. He served as an assistant instructor in the Recruit Training Corps (15th Division). Last season was his return after being discharged from military service. His position is bullpen. Since it was mainly a chase team, it was difficult to leave any personal records. I have had the opportunity to start occasionally this season.

Meanwhile, he got his first win in the game that day. It was also a good pitch against the most difficult Tigers. It’s a thrill after only 5 years and 22 games since joining the team. If it weren’t for Shin Min-jae’s defense, this was a precious win that would have been postponed indefinitely.

It was Moon Bo-kyung who reacted most violently immediately after the end. He ran to Shin Min-jae, hugged him, stroked his head, and was deeply happy. Perhaps it was gratitude for protecting his classmate’s first win. Back-to-back home runs, a winning pitcher, and a double play defense. It was a game where the young blood that would lead the Twins in the future sparkled.

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