Yang Hyeon-joon finally broke the silence… Even the joy turned red for a moment.

Yang Hyeon-jun (20, Gangwon FC), who had a hard time with his confidence falling under pressure, broke a long silence by raising the first attack point of the season. Even for a moment of joy, he finally brought tears to his eyes as he expressed his apologies to the fans for finally giving them their long-awaited first victory.

Yang Hyeon-joon started at the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 9 home game against FC Seoul held at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 26th and recorded 1 assist, contributing to Gangwon’s first win of the season. did.

Yang Hyeon-jun, who had been silent for 7 games before this game, started breaking through from the bottom of the half-line in the 24th minute of the first half, quickly dug into the penalty box, and helped Park Sang-hyeok (20) score the first goal while calmly conceding a cutback. Along with this, he broke the silence with his first offensive point of the season, recording an assist.

Yang Hyun-joon had a hard time this season as he continued to be sluggish. Last year, the stock price increased, such as winning the ‘K League 1 Young Player Award’, and even the uniform number was changed to number 7바카라사이트, which symbolizes ‘Ace’, raising expectations, but after the opening, the attack point was not raised, and the frustrating flow continued.

The problem was that his confidence continued to decline as he was unable to overcome adversity on his own while the concentration of his opponent’s defenders became more intense than last year. As the pressure finally got worse, Yang Hyun-joon shed tears while greeting fans right after the match against Jeju United on the 9th. That’s why he was like a ‘nightmare’ to the extent that he doesn’t want to remember the beginning of this season.

Yang Hyun-joon, however, did not give up. Coach Choi Yong-soo (49) said, “He is a player with good skills. He will be able to overcome it well enough.” And eventually, he started to regain the explosive look he showed last year, and broke the silence by recording help that day.

Yang Hyun-joon said, “It was hard because I couldn’t win for a really long time, but it feels so good to win. But I don’t stop here just because I won once, I want to win Jeonbuk Hyundai on the weekend and give the fans a victory.” There was, but I recovered my confidence because it seemed to help me win today by helping me. I think it gave me an opportunity to work harder.”

When asked about the reason for his slowdown compared to last year, Yang Hyun-joon said, “It was difficult because the opposing teams prepared well. There were parts where I myself did not improve compared to last year.” I couldn’t do it, so it seems to have been difficult.”

He added, “Since I couldn’t play well, I didn’t hesitate to fight and ran with the mindset of sacrificing. The coach also emphasized that I should devote more to the team. To be of help, I fought hard and didn’t take it out of the contest.”

Regarding the situation at the time of scoring, he said, “I only thought that I had to go all the way and connect with Sanghyuk.” That’s good,” he smiled.

Finally, Yang Hyun-joon said, “Thank you for coming to me every time, even when my grades are really bad, and for always cheering me on. I feel like I’m still going to cry now.” I don’t tend to cry, but today I went to say hello after winning and I shed tears. I don’t think it would have been easy to come this far without the fans.

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