Yang Eui-ji, who was ‘failed’ by the catcher’s laser throw and ‘failed’ by his colleagues’ laser eyes

‘Get out of the way because you’re embarrassed!’

Yang Eui-ji of Doosan couldn’t hold back the laughter that erupted in apologetic after being tagged out by the opposing catcher.

Doosan won the midweek series with a sweep, winning 8-6 in the match against Kiwoom held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 24th.

In Doosan, foreign hitter Lohas’ cycling hit performance without a double hit and Yang Eui-ji’s 3 hits and 5 RBIs, which was named in the starting lineup after 19 days, shined.

LOHAS’ preemptive two-run-po that exploded once
Doosan, who led by two points in the first inning with Lohas’ first run four, allowed Kiwoom two points in defense at the end of the first inning to tie the game.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Doosan allowed a turnaround with Dawson’s sacrifice fly in the situation where the bases were loaded with hits by lead batter Joo Seong-won and consecutive walks by Song Seong-moon and Kim Hye-sung, and Kim Dong-joo changed pitchers to Choi Won-joon, but Kim Hwi-jip’s timely hit made the score 4-2. .스포츠토토

Pursuit solo gun Kim Jae-ho’s nimble bat flip
In Doosan, Kim Jae-ho fired a solo gun in the 3rd inning, saving the fire of pursuit. The 1st and 3rd base chances created by Rojas’ walk and Yang Eui-ji’s hit were balanced 4-4 with Yang Seok-hwan’s sacrifice fly.

Yang Eui-ji tries to get the gwiru in the check of Kiwoom catcher Kim Si-ang
Yang Eui-ji, runner on first base, succeeded in advancing to second base when Yang Seok-hwan sacrificed fly, leading to a chance for second out and second base.

The follow-up hitter was Kang Seung-ho, who had a hit in his first at-bat. Doosan had a chance to succeed in a 5-4 reversal with one hit.

I fell down while trying to get rid of Kim Si-ang’s check.
In the ball count 1B 1S situation, Yang Eui-ji took a skip action and moved toward the third base base, and Kim Si-ang, who saw that, took a check action to throw the ball.

In an unexpected situation, Yang Eui-ji was startled and slipped on her seat, tried to stop and fell back, and Kim Si-ang’s quick throw to second base continued, and Yang Eui-ji was checked.

Once to go back, once to slide.

I didn’t mean to do this
Driven by the momentum of the tie, it could have gone to the reverse. Yang Eui-ji, who was very sorry for the chance he blew up with a ridiculous check, made eye contact with his colleagues while heading to the dugout in a dark appearance.

It was literally a funny situation. It was unfortunate that he was out, but Yang Eui-ji, who gave a laugh with an unexpected body gag, smiled embarrassedly while covering his face with his helmet and prepared for the next at-bat with the encouragement of his colleagues.

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