What is the KLPGA’s highest ratings competition this year? ‘Daebo House D Open 0.682%’

Among the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour tournaments held this year, the tournament with the highest TV audience rating was the Daebo House D Open held at Seowon Valley Golf Club in Paju in July.

SBS Golf Channel announced on the 19th that the Daebo House D Open viewership rating was 0.682%, ranking first.

This tournament drew a lot of attention from fans as Park Min-ji (24) succeeded in defending her title three times in 40 years.

Song Ga-eun (21) won the wire-to-wire championship by hitting 10 under par 62 on the first day, while Oh Ji-hyeon (26) and Lim Hee-jung (22), who had many fans, competed for the title. Park Min-ji also pursued Song Ga-eun to the end and tied for 10th place.

The highest viewership rating by round was the final round of the Jeju Samdasoo Masters on August 7, which recorded 1.095%.

It was a game in which Ji Han-sol (26) made 4 consecutive birdies in the 15th to 18th holes, creating a double electrode. 안전놀이터

In the final round of the 36th Korea Women’s Open, which was won by Lim Hee-jung, the viewer rating per minute soared to 2.031%, remaining ‘the best minute’.

According to SBS Golf Channel, the average viewership rating for the KLPGA tour season was much higher than that of the LPGA Tour.

The average viewer rating for the KLPGA Tour was 0.467%, and the viewership rating for the LPGA Tour was only 0.212%.