What can Gangnam Style teach women about?

I’ve decided to deviate a bit from the general article to help you get your ex back and look at women in general. I decided to do it through ‘Gangnam Style’, which is currently the biggest YouTube video. So what exactly can these catchy Korean music videos teach you about women… Well, nothing per se, but I will use it to point out some interesting ideas and facts behind the way women work and think!

First, let’s look at the main lyrics of ‘Oppa 온라인바카라Style’. Oppa roughly translates to older brother and is used by Korean women when talking to older men nearby. It is a deep part of their culture to show respect to those who are older than them (an important thing to keep in mind if you are dating an Asian girl).  because they show a certain amount of respect and closeness.

Next is Gangnam. It is the richest area in Seoul. You can think of Beverley Hills the American way. Singer Psy says the girls in this neighborhood are noble by day and crazy by night, and his songs tell us what a man he is for them. You probably know what the word ‘style’ means.

I believe all women live this double life. All of them have bad and good sides. Before my relationship with my ex ended, I remember being very naive and thinking she was an angel who could do no wrong. I was in love and could only see the good side. Lesson learned. Women are very sexual, but they never want to be branded as prostitutes, so this dark side is hidden. Reputation is very important to women and they are not prepared to tarnish it just for men.

To win and retain women, you have to appeal to both sides. This is very important! You have to appeal to her good girl side by being kind, funny, confident and respectful. The kind of man her girlfriend would be jealous of if seen in public and she could take safely home to her parents. And it has to appeal to her bad girl side, and it has to be unpredictable, exciting, and sexually adventurous. If he only appeals to nice girls, he’ll get bored and might even flirt with you. Only attracted to the bad girl side, she starts to feel like she is being taken advantage of and seeks out a man she feels more comfortable around.

Gangnam style for girls! They all have a good girl side and a bad girl side. To win and keep women, you have to appeal to and satisfy both sides.

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