“What about the menu written only in English… ‘One person, one drink’ is exactly in Korean”

Netizens are sympathetic to the menu board, which is written only in English, with no Korean language at all.

On the 20th, in an online community, an article titled ‘I wish I could make a way to write a menu in Korean’ was posted.

Writer A said, “It’s all Korean restaurants. Shouldn’t you write in Korean at least what kind of food goes into it? It’s not a world where only 20.3 million people live. How can the elderly and children order anything?” and took several photos. attached.

In the attached photo, various store menus are included, but there is no Korean language anywhere. It is written only in English.

Mr. A said, “It was written in English, but when a real foreigner came and ordered it in English, he couldn’t understand it. Also, things like ‘ one drink for one person’ and ‘business hours’ were written in Korean, but they weren’t even funny.” Please make a law about the plate.”

Netizens sympathized with the point. One netizen said메이저놀이터, “I wish it would change a bit from the labeling of local food on the stalls selling local produce in the mart. If you just write it as a local product, you can understand it right away, and it’s friendly and how good it is.”

Another netizen also expressed sympathy, saying, “I really don’t understand why they do that. Our words are much prettier and it saves time to read and order immediately.

Besides “Even when watching TV , they used English mixed in intrusively


However, it should be written in Korean according to the romanization method of the Korean language, the foreign language transcription method, etc. Even when it is displayed in a foreign language, it should be written in the same way as in Korean.

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