West temperature rises again… ‘Seoul midday 28 degrees’ early summer heat

Kim Min-ji, weather forecaster, yesterday (18th)메이저사이트 it rained and the early heat went away. Will we be able to survive this weekend without the heat?

[Minji Kim/Weathercaster]

Yes, the heat has eased somewhat as it rained yesterday. There will be many areas where the temperature rises again today. Today, the midday temperature will rise close to 30 degrees in the western region, including Seoul. Tomorrow, we will see the early summer weather around the central inland and Gyeongbuk inland, and the day after tomorrow centered on Yeongnam. In the western region, where the temperature rises today, it is hoped that the temperature will return to normal over the weekend and go on a spring outing without worrying about the heat.

Today’s daytime temperature in Seoul will be 28 degrees, and you will see early summer weather. The temperature will drop a little again tomorrow, the weekend. Until today, less than 5mm of rain will fall in Jeju and the East Coast. In the southern coast of Jeollanam-do, there may be places where raindrops brush by in the afternoon.

This morning, Jeju’s strong wind warning has been lifted. During rain, there will be a momentary strong wind. Due to the influx of low clouds in the mountains of Gangwon, there will be thick fog with a visibility of less than 200m until this afternoon. Fog will remain until morning in Honam.

Currently, it is 18 degrees in Seoul and Cheongju, and 17 degrees in Daegu and Changwon, similar to yesterday’s time.

The daytime temperature will be a little hot in the western area, including Daejeon and Cheongju 27 degrees and Jeonju 26 degrees. This weekend, there will be only occasional clouds without much rain. It is expected that mostly clear skies will be revealed next week as well.

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