US betting company “Dominica, 1st in odds of winning WBC… 2nd in USA, 3rd in Japan, 7th in Korea”

The odds of Korea winning the World Baseball Classic WBC tournament, which opens in March, are predicted to be the 7th among the total 20 participating countries. The

US betting company ‘Fox Bet’ ranked Korea’s 메이저놀이터 winning odds tied with Cuba for 7th on the official Twitter account. The country with the highest chance

of winning was the Dominican Republic, which has won the 3rd tournament in 2013, which includes a large number of major leaguers, followed by the United States in second place and Japan in third place

. Mexico was in order.

Korea, which belongs to Group B, faced Australia on March 9, Japan on March 10, Czech Republic on March 12, and China on March 13 at Tokyo Dome, Japan.

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