Unexpected contract renewal, director Seol Ki-hyun still dreams of completing ‘Sul Soccer’

In the mind of Gyeongnam FC coach Seol Ki-hyeon (44), who is a ‘snow soccer player’, as always, ‘my color’ and ‘my own football’ were there. 먹튀검증Coach Seol continues to accompany Gyeongnam in the 2023 season. It was an unexpected decision to the extent that he himself said, “I thought it would be difficult to renew the contract.” Coach Seol, who took the K-League manager position through Gyeongnam in 2020, showed ups and downs. Every year before the opening, expectations were raised for Seol Ki-hyun-style soccer, the so-called ‘Seol Soccer’, along with the evaluation of ‘championship power’, but when the lid was opened, trial and error were repeated. Unfortunately in the 2022 season, he failed to promote for three seasons, including kneeling in the playoffs.

Despite these results, coach Seol became a “fourth year” coach, which is rare in the K-League. He once again shouted ‘my own football’, which he had consistently emphasized since his appointment. At the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held in Miryang, Gyeongnam on the 15th, “I thought it would be difficult to renew the contract because we did not reach the final goal we thought it would be. “I’ve been leading Gyeongnam for four years, and I’m organizing well what I did well and what I lacked. Promotion is important, but only when the soccer I want to play appears can I differentiate myself as a coach for the fourth year. I’m focusing on that. ” said

Coach Seol showed confidence this year. Coach Seol spearheaded the recruitment this winter. He said, “I think this year’s composition is the best. There are no players worth the name, so reinforcements were not noticeable. The midfield and sidebacks, who were weak last year, have been reinforced. Yes. The composition is more even than ever. I have high expectations.” Regarding the foreign lineup, which has fallen compared to the days of Willian-Hernandez-Thiago, “The part that poses a personal threat has declined, but there is still a characteristic. “This time, the players can create chances through team play and work hard. That will be a plus.”

Coach Seol said he had learned many lessons over the past three years. He said, “In the past 3 years, I have found and supplemented my shortcomings. It is difficult to play football with color, and it is even more difficult to complete it. Personally, I am proud of what I have done well in the past 3 years. I learned how to respond accordingly. It is important to make things that are organized without lacking.” Coach Seol said, “It is not enough to be satisfied with just promotion. It is important to create a team that can challenge to advance to the Asian Champions League and win even if it goes up to the first division. We have to work hard to become such a team.”

Director Seol still pursued more than grades. He emphasized, “I always thought it was the end. Creating a competitive team is the first thing. It is not said that the result is chasing. I want to make a team with completeness and play soccer like that for a long time.”

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