‘Underdog’ Shinhan Bank ‘did it again’! 74-72 victory over Woori Bank in ‘Great Blood Fight’

The enemy general also said to be careful in the first quarter. Shinhan Bank pressed the opponent hard from the beginning of the game, and once again caused a stir by beating Woori Bank, the ‘1st round’. Shinhan Bank won a thrilling two-point victory over Woori Bank, winning two of the three losses Woori Bank recorded this season. 스포츠토토

Shinhan Bank won 74-72 in the 5th round of Shinhan Bank SOL Women’s Professional Basketball (WKBL) in the 2022-2023 season against Woori Bank at Incheon Dowon Indoor Gymnasium on the 30th.

Previously, Shinhan Bank met Woori Bank in the 4th round of WKBL on the 18th and won 81-78, blocking Woori Bank’s 15-game winning streak. It was the second loss of the season for Woori Bank. At that time, Shinhan Bank led by 17 points from the first quarter. In response, Woori Bank coach Sang-Woo Lee said, “We will be careful of Shinhan Bank’s first quarter.”

Shinhan Bank put strong pressure on the opponent from the first quarter on this day as well. When the game started, the quick change of direction threw Woori Bank into confusion. Woori Bank fell into chaos by committing five fouls less than halfway through the first quarter.

Shinhan Bank tied Kim Dan-bi, the main gun of Woori Bank, with only two points in the first quarter. Shinhan Bank forward Sonia Kim scored 12 points in the first quarter alone. The first quarter ended 28-18.

Subsequent quarters followed a similar pattern. Woori Bank took a 1-point lead for the first time on the day with about 20 seconds left in the 4th quarter, but Shinhan Bank was more determined to win. Even the bench members of Shinhan Bank cheered for each goal, and the players playing in the game expressed great regret by holding their heads when they missed a rebound or failed to score a goal unfortunately. Shinhan Bank made up for the power gap with hustle play that did not spare its body.

Go A-ra of Woori Bank struggled with 23 points, Kim Jong-un scored 17 points, and Kim Dan-bi scored 14 points, but had to swallow the bitter taste of defeat by 2 points without overturning the gap. Lee Sam Choi, who returned from injury, ran for 20 minutes and 33 seconds and scored 8 points.

At Shinhan Bank, Sonia Kim recorded a ‘double double’ with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Han Chae-jin contributed 15 points, Kim Jin-young 10 points, and Kim Ah-reum 8 points. Lee Kyung-eun scored 7 points and recorded 6 assists, becoming a hidden contributor.

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