UCL Championship Goal” British billionaire confirms bid for Manchester United… competition with Qatar

 It is a ‘war of money’ in the bid for Manchester United. Qatar and British capital fight over the takeover of Manchester United.

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ 메이저사이트 announced on the 19th (Korean time), “British billionaire Jim Radcliffe and his petrochemical company Ineos have entered into a bid to take over Manchester United.”

Ineos said in an official statement: “I want to make Manchester United a modern and progressive club. I want to invest in making Manchester United one of the best clubs in the world once again. I want to root in proud Manchester United history, restore glory and focus on winning the Champions League.”

Jim Radcliffe is a 70-year-old British billionaire. It is investing in sports clubs through Ineos. He owns French Ligue 1 Ennis and Swiss Super League Lausanne. He also invested in a yacht team with the goal of winning the America’s Cup in 2024, and it is a five-year partnership with the F1 team Mercedes.

Jim Radcliffe is interested in buying a Premier League club. After Roman Abramovich gave up his ownership of Chelsea last year due to the Russo-Ukrainian war, he jumped into the takeover bid. He offered £4.25 billion (approximately 6.645 trillion won) to acquire Chelsea, but ultimately failed.

According to ‘BBC’, Jim Radcliffe’s personal fortune is estimated to be between 6 billion pounds (about 9 trillion won) and 11 billion pounds (about 17 trillion won).

What is now officially known is that a Qatari consortium and Jim Radcliffe have entered a bid to take over Manchester United. The Qatar consortium announced that it plans to “restore the Manchester United club to its former glory. The 92 Foundation will invest in Manchester United in all areas of the community, including football teams, training centres, stadiums and infrastructure.”

‘BBC’ analyzed that “US and Saudi Arabian capital are interested in acquiring Manchester United. There is a possibility that up to five capitals will try to negotiate a complete sale.”

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