‘Twin Knives’ Sang Hoon Yoo wins wild back-and-forth TKO. Will he get UFC contract?

It was a thrilling knee-for-kick upset.

Sang Hoon Yoo (33, Team Mad) scored a third-round TKO victory over Chris Hoffman (33, Philippines).

Sang Hoon Yoo and Chris Hoffman battled in a non-tournament welterweight bout at The Road to UFC Season 2 on Nov. 28 at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai in China. Due to the non-tournament nature of the event, the winner of the fight will receive a one-fight contract.

At the start of the fight, Sang Hoon Yoo used Santa-based strikes and Hoffman looked to clinch. Yoo used quick, accurate strikes to damage his opponent’s legs. Hoffman tried an overhand right that missed.

In the second round, Yoo continued to pile on the damage메이저놀이터 to Hoffman’s legs. Hoffman fought back with clinching and elbows. Yoo allowed a left hand from Hoffman to the face. Yoo landed a one-two.

Early in the third round, Yoo was taken down by a big left hand from Hoffman. Yoo escaped the ensuing flurry of punches. Hoffman was hit first, but Yoo fired back with a right hand. Hoffman staggered backwards, and Yoo lunged forward, landing a knee that knocked Hoffman down. It was a thrilling upset TKO victory for Yoo.

In his post-fight interview, Yoo said, “In the past, I tried to KO him early on. This time, I thought about finishing the first, second, and third rounds calmly, and when I got the chance, I tried to finish him off hot. In the end, I capitalized,” he reflected. “I’m getting better with every fight, and when I go to the UFC, I’m going to give the fans something they’re going to love,” he said.

It was a great fight, both in terms of content and performance. It will be interesting to see if Yoo can land a contract with the UFC.

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