“There is no problem preparing for the season.” Sono was confident, and there was a reason for his confidence.

Sono is preparing for the season without any major problems.

KBL once faced a major crisis due to the Day One incident. It was a situation where the season might have to be played as a nine-team system. However, Sono appeared as a firefighter and became a new member of the KBL family after receiving approval from the KBL Board of Directors on July 21st.

The off-season started later than the other 9 clubs. Team training was late and player composition was also late. However, Sono Skygunners, who confirmed the acquisition, quickly handled the assigned task. Sono general manager Lee Ki-wan said at the Sono press conference, “It is a re-founding group, but we will continue as is. He appointed a manager and sought foreign players. A trade was also carried out. Others were also transferred to employment. “We have a plan for field training and we will also start working on the court,” he said, showing confidence.

About two months later, how is Sono preparing for the season? First, salaries were paid to the coaching staff and players on July 31st. And on August 1st, they announced the recruitment and trade of foreign players. Anthony Bennett (203cm, F), a former NBA 1st round pick, and Jarod Jones (206cm, F), a KBL veteran, were recruited. It was the result of moving quickly.

In addition, Director Lee said at a press conference, “The membership fee of 1.5 billion can be paid in a lump sum,” and actually paid 1.5 billion in a lump sum on August 3.

Afterwards, practice games were held, and starting on the 11th, we left for field training. The first field training location after founding was Sonobell Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon.

To train the athletes, Sono remodeled the existing gym. In response, a Sono official said, “We remodeled the existing recreation area. I changed the coat and did a lot of work. (Laughs) I think the amount was around 700 million won.”안전놀이터

He continued, “The gym is really good. You can also hold practice matches here. You can also invite overseas teams. You can also train here during the off-season for a change of pace. “Players can also use it personally,” he added.

Sono coach Kim Seung-gi also said, “The facilities are very good. It has a nice court, a view of the outdoors, and is on the first floor. The logo is also nicely engraved on the back. Seating for spectators was also provided. “I didn’t know it would be this good, but it’s so good,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Additionally, Sono plans to begin construction of the Goyang Stadium where the season will be held. A Sono official said, “The interior of the gym needed remodeling. I couldn’t do it before, but I can do it now. The club also provides a lot of support. “Starting from the 19th, we will begin remodeling the auxiliary gymnasium, and from the 25th, we plan to carry out remodeling of the home stadium,” he said, announcing the home stadium remodeling plan.

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