The secret to a 100% stolen base rate “Stay centered and don’t fall down!”…”Give me more balls” Determination!

Son Sung-bin was selected in the first round of the 2021 rookie draft. As a student at Changan High School, he won the “Imansoo Catcher Award,” which is given to the best catcher among amateur players for his outstanding talent and performance.

As a rookie in 2021, he had a mediocre 0.199 batting average in the second team, but after playing in 20 games for the first team and batting 0.316 (19-for-6), he joined the commercial team and was released on June 12.바카라사이트

Returning to the first team after a stint in the second team, Son hasn’t played many games yet, but he has a 100 percent success rate with four stolen bases this season.

LOTTE Battery coach Choi Kyung-cheol had him repeat the phrase “hold the center and don’t fall down” several times to keep him on track. After receiving 100 pitches, Son took a break and shouted, “Give me more pitches,” to remind himself to stay focused.

The catcher’s average speed is around 138 kilometers per hour (km/h). This is similar to the average velocity of KB0 pitchers’ fastballs. Lotte manager Larry Sutton is also smiling at Son’s perfect performance. “He’s doing well. I think he will be very helpful to the first team when he returns,” Sutton said.

LOTTE’s Son Sung-bin shows great concentration during defense practice.

Lotte catcher Son Seong-bin takes a break from more than 100 grueling drills.

Heading to the dugout after finishing his training with the determination to “give me more balls.”

“First of all, I’ve simplified my approach at the plate, reducing the number of things I used to think about. And when it comes to defense, I want to be a catcher who gives the pitcher trust. That’s what I’m focusing on.” On the other side

It will be interesting to see how Son Sung-bin, who has emerged as another secret weapon for Lotte, performs in the second half of the season.

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