The quiet pressure of ‘Pacific Legend Wrapping Up’… The KIA 158km fastball pitcher ‘flinched’

Kim Seung-hyun of Kia is sweating and building his body at the ‘2023 Spring Camp’ held at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 18th (Korean time)

. He is a pitcher whose specialty is the ball. However, because of his injury, he was converted to a track and field athlete, and gave Samsung a ray of hope by throwing a fast ball of 150km in his official debut in September.메이저사이트

However, compared to his fast ball, he went back and forth between the 1st team defeat and the 2nd team with jagged control. However, he was excluded from the first team entry in 2018 due to injury.

After finishing the 2019 season, he was accepted into the Sangmu Phoenix baseball team. Kim Seung-hyun, who bulked up in the Sangmu baseball team, averaged a fastball in the mid-150km range and threw up to 158km.

In his first year of enlistment, his performance at Sangmu improved remarkably, recording 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 save and 8 holds with an ERA of 2.14 in 30 games and 33⅔ innings. However, right after the discharge, he was unable to pitch due to elbow pain and underwent surgery in March. Rehabilitation has been steadily rehabilitating for 1 years, and in the second half of the 2022 season, it was released from Samsung while going back and forth between the 1st and 2nd groups.

Afterwards, after Geelong Korea joined, he wore a Kia uniform with an annual salary of 45 million won in 2023.

On the 18th, Kim Seung-hyun sweated while pitching in the bullpen. After the bullpen pitching, the moment he greeted pitching coach Jung Myung-won, his hand pointed at Kim Seung-hyun’s face.

After stroking his cheek to mean ‘good job’, I massaged his neck. It was the moment when pitching coach Jeong Myeong-won applied subtle pressure.

Pitching coach Jeong Myeong-won is focusing on weight loss for Kim Seung-hyun. In order to lose weight, Kim Seung-hyun went on a diet by running about 6km from the accommodation to the spring camp, 12km round trip. Camp training itself is hard, but running 12km to and from work is not something that can be done with willpower.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk also expressed his expectations, saying, “Right-handed pitchers have to exert their strength until Hyun-sik returns. Kim Seung-hyun, who came from Samsung, has improved. He has a good pitch. I hope he can give it a try.

” I am looking forward to seeing what kind of activity Kim Seung-hyun, who is sweating for the opportunity to become, will do in the 2023 season.

[KIA pitching coach Jeong Myeong-won is touching Kim Seung-hyun’s cheek.

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