The power of Fengshan Mountain Kids… China’s golf promotion for a reason

It wasn’t just Korea, the United States, Thailand, and Japan. Recently, China’s sensation has been strong on the LPGA Tour. It’s not about one player playing flashily well. In Luoning ranked first in the Rolex Women’s Golf World Rankings on the 12th, ranking in the top 10 seven times, including winning the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. In addition, Lin Shiyu ranked in the top 10 five times and ranked 10th in the money rankings, and the presence of Chinese golf has grown incomparably compared to previous years.

Why has Chinese golf become stronger? Li Hong (pictured), who has led the China Ladies Professional Golf Association (CLPGA) since 2009, cited the environment in which they can participate in various competitions from a young age as the secret to the recent success of Chinese players. CEO Lee said, “This year, the number of people playing golf in China has increased by 28% compared to 2019. Among them, the number of students who are newly starting golf is noteworthy.” He added, “As the student golf population increases, the number of competitions has also increased rapidly. “This year, there are about 1,100 student golf competitions registered with the China Golf Association (CGA),” he explained.

Not only has the number of student golf competitions increased. The number of professional competitions hosted by CLPGA has also increased to 38 this year. Compared to 27 last year, 11 more competitions will be held. CEO Lee said, “The development of the youth golf market is leading to professional competitions. The speed of development of the women’s professional golf market is especially impressive,” and added, “Chinese golf industry officials are making efforts in various ways to not miss this opportunity. Sports in each province in China.” “This is why the government is putting so much effort into nurturing golf players,” he emphasized.

The adoption of golf as an official Olympic sport also played an important role in the development of golf in China. Representative Lee said, “There are many students who have dreamed of becoming professional golfers due to the influence of Feng Shanshan, who won a bronze medal in women’s golf at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Most of the players who are currently active on the LPGA tour have a special desire to participate in the Olympics.” “If the investment that has been made since 2016 shows results, the status of Chinese golf will be higher than it is now,” he said.먹튀검증

It was said that, like the Se-ri Pak and In-bee Park kids who grew up dreaming of becoming professional golfers while watching Korea’s Se-ri Pak and In-bee Park, there are Feng Shan-san kids in China. Representative Li said, “Feng Shanshan, the first Chinese player to reach number one in the world rankings, is a player who instilled a new awareness of golf. He was a great inspiration for many students to become interested in golf.” He added, “For a country’s sports to develop, “It is important to have a role model. I look forward to the future even more as a new star named Yin Luoning has been born following Feng Shanshan,” he said, raising his voice.

Another reason for the increase in the number of Chinese players who stand out on the LPGA tour was their active overseas expansion. An official familiar with Chinese golf said, “Almost all of the Chinese junior players aim to advance overseas, such as the LPGA Tour and the PGA Tour. What deserves more attention than the first division tour are the Chinese players active in the lower tours. “As I have a clear dream, I am not afraid to challenge in the second or third division. Yuan Ye-chun and Dou Ze-cheng, who won the right to participate in the PGA Tour by finishing first and fourth in the Korn Ferry Tour last year, are representative players.” . Representative Lee highly praised Korean golf, saying that both talent training and industry have reached a high level. He said, “Korea has been producing world-class players for over 10 years and is showing remarkable performance in terms of industry,” and “The most impressive player recently is Kim Joo-hyung. It is truly amazing that a 20-year-old Kim Joo-hyung won the PGA Tour.” He gave a thumbs up.

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