The police who endured the request for “Give me back my phone”… Why was the time off?

A man who went to the police box to find his lost cell phone was arrested by the police. This is because he was caught hiding drugs inside his cell phone case.

According to the National Police Agency, on April 29메이저사이트, a citizen came to the Junggok 2 Police Box in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul with a cell phone.

The citizen handed the phone to the police, saying, “I picked up the phone. I told the owner that I would leave it at the police box.”

After receiving the cell phone, the police opened the cell phone case to enter information about the found item.

Inside the case was a bag containing an unknown white powder.

The white powder looked like a drug.

Suspected of drugs, the police requested assistance from the homicide team to determine if they were indeed drugs.

At that time, the cell phone owner entered the police box. This man asked for a cell phone without any hesitation. He seemed in a hurry.

The police took time, saying that the process of returning the found items, such as identity verification and document preparation, was complicated.

Then the man urged him to go home and take medicine as he was not feeling well.

When the police did not return the cell phone despite continued urging, the man suddenly left the police box saying he would go home.

Police said they would take the man home and put him in a patrol car.

After the man left in a patrol car, a violent team entered the police box.

As a result of the confirmation, the identity of the white powder was, of course, a drug.

Police went to the man’s house to search and found a syringe for administration in a rice bag inside the house.

As a result of the police investigation, the man was identified as a ‘convict of a drug crime’ who had been involved in drugs in the past. He couldn’t stop taking drugs and tried again.

The man was convicted and eventually arrested.

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