The myth of ‘Woo Saeng-soon’ continues

The Korean women’s handball team won a thrilling come-from-behind victory in the match against Japan held in enemy territory and set a milestone by advancing to the Olympic finals for the 11th consecutive time.

The Korean women’s handball team, led by coach Henrik Signel, won the 25-24, 1-point victory over Japan in the final 4th round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympics held in Hiroshima, Japan on the 23rd. As a result, Korea, which finished the preliminary round in first place with all four wins, won a direct ticket to the Olympic finals.

In this preliminary round, five countries including Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan and India participated in the full league. In the preliminaries, only the first place team will be given a ticket to the Olympic finals. Korea and Japan recorded 3 wins side by side before the game on this day, so the match between Korea and Japan was the deciding match for the finals. After losing to South Korea, Japan was put in a situation where it had to challenge again to advance to the Olympic finals in the final qualifier against other continental countries.안전놀이터

Women’s handball, which holds the record for the most consecutive Olympic finals for both men and women, has increased this record to 11 times through this event. Korean women’s handball has never missed an Olympic stage since the 1984 LA Olympics. In the 2004 Athens Games, where the legend of ‘Woo Saeng-soon’ was written, he won a silver medal after a wonderful match against Denmark, and won a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Games.

However, he has not been able to reach the medal table after the Beijing Games. Coach Signel also admitted that it was not an easy challenge. At the beginning of the game, Korea was blocked by Japanese goalkeeper Kametani Sakura’s save, and it was difficult to find a way out. Consecutive goals were allowed by Yuki Yoshidome and Kaho Nakayama, and the score was quickly pushed back to 0-5. However, in the 26th minute of the first half, Lee Mi-kyung (Busan Facilities Corporation) made the first tie with a shot. In the 11th minute of the second half, Lee Mi-kyung scored a come-from-behind goal to make the score 19-18.

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