The counterattack of the ’10 home run total’, “I will hit 15 home runs”, “The hitting coach will save money and buy me a present”

Hong Chang-ki of the LG Twins is good at sophisticated ‘eye baseball’.

In 2020, which was his first full-time season, 메이저사이트 Hong Chang-ki drew attention as he ranked 6th in the league in on-base percentage. In 2021, he

Coach Lee Ho-joon said next to him, “Hey prostitute, let’s call out once this year. Double digit home run goal. When I said, “10,” Hong Chang-gi smiled and replied, “Yes, I will hit 15,” raising 5 more.

Coach Lee was delighted and encouraged, saying, “Yes, you are taller than the hitting coach, have a good lower body, and have a good body, so there is no reason you can’t hit 15.”

It suddenly led to the key story. Hong Chang-ki said he was 188cm and coach Lee Ho-joon was 186cm. When Coach Lee said to Coach Mo, “You’re 88 cm, too,” Coach Mo laughed and said, “I’m 88 cm, but you look small when you’re next to a prostitute.” Next, coach Mo made a promise, “If I hit 15 prostitutes, I’ll save money and buy something with coach Hojun.”

Hong Chang-ki recorded a batting average of .286 and an on-base percentage of .390 last year. Compared to 2021, his at-bats dropped from 651 to 525. His walks dropped significantly from 109 to 59.

He said, “I don’t think I am a victim of the expansion of the strike zone. He said that his walks decreased a lot, but (due to injury) he had fewer at-bats and couldn’t play many games. He tried to hit more aggressively than he walked last year. He suffered an injury (oblique muscle) in the middle of the season, and after returning, the batting balance was broken, so I think it was bad.” He will pick out the bad balls this year as well, but rather than waiting for a walk, the goal is to hit aggressively.

Coach Lee said, “The Changgi is strong, and the power was very good when I hit with my legs like that before. I don’t touch the batting form, I’m just changing my mind a bit,” he said. “The ball in the middle, especially when the ball count is advantageous, connect it with a long hit, and in the case of an unfavorable ball count, the contact that Changgi has, and the on-base ability increase the slugging rate and on-base rate, so the OPS increases considerably. . We are focusing on that now.” said.

won the on-base title, and last year his performance declined after suffering an oblique muscle injury in the middle of the season. Still, he posted a .390 on-base percentage.

In the spring camp preparing for this season, Hong Chang-ki is paying attention to his slugging power as he makes up for his sluggish performance last year. His career slugging percentage is .390, lower than his career on-base percentage of .419.

Camp in Arizona, USA, Hong Chang-ki further elaborated his strengths in the ‘Imo Lesson’ by hitting coach Lee Ho-jun and Mo Chang-min, while also training his long hitting power.

Hitting coach Lee Ho-jun said, “Chang-ki is training to use his wrist and fast swing to make long hits from the middle. In the past, if you had a swing that was unique to the changgi rather than a long hit in the middle of the ball, now you are training to hit a home run or a double hit. It is to increase the speed of the swing that was done to hit accurately so that it is farther away. The important thing is the wrist,” he explained.

Hong Chang-gi uses a fan stroke method, such as pushing the outside ball with the grain and pulling the body ball. He has a tall (188 cm) physique, but his home runs are 5 in 2020, 4 in 2021 and 1 last year, 10 in his career.

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