The best automatic door in the EPL is the Man City defender → a level that can be broken through if you try to break through

It turns out that the defender who allows the easiest breakthrough in the Premier League this season is Walker of Manchester City (hereafter Man City).

On the 15th (Korean time), England’s Give Misport introduced the defenders with the highest winning rate and the lowest winning rate in one-on-one situations that occurred in the Premier League this season. Manchester City defender Walker has recorded a 17.6% win rate in one-on-one situations this season, the lowest win rate among players active in the Premier League. Walker has played 17 head-to-head matches in the Premier League this season메이저놀이터, winning only three and allowing dribble breakthroughs in the remaining 14 situations. Walker, who moved from Tottenham to Manchester City in the 2017-18 season and is active, has played in 354 Premier League matches and played a key role in winning four Premier League titles for Manchester City, but in one-on-one situations, it was found to be the worst in the league.

After Walker, West Ham United defender Cresswell had the second lowest one-on-one success rate of 36.8%. Following this, Manchester United defender Baran recorded a 37.5% win rate, revealing that he was vulnerable in one-on-one situations. Varane has the third-lowest one-on-one duel success rate among active defenders in the Premier League. Liverpool’s Van Dijk had a one-on-one win rate of 43.8%, which did not exceed 50%. Van Dijk, who was once rated as the world’s best in one-on-one defense, had the seventh lowest win rate in one-on-one competitions among players active in the Premier League.

The most impregnable defender in one-on-one situations in the Premier League was Man United’s Wan-Bissaka. Wan-Bissaka had a 93.8% win rate in head-to-head matches. It turns out that Wan-Bissaka has allowed only one dribble break in a Premier League game this season.

Arsenal defender Saliba ranks second behind Wan-Bissaka with an 83.3% win rate in one-on-one situations. Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has the third-highest one-on-one win rate among active defenders in the Premier League with an 80% win rate.

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