The attacking giant, surpassed even the league’s strongest An Woo-jin

‘Even the league’s best pitcher, An Woo-jin, couldn’t stop it’. The Lotte Giants, who do not know how to lose at the beginning of the season, succeeded in winning 8 consecutive wins in 13 years, raising expectations for victory.

Lotte won 5-3 against Kiwoom at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 30th. With this, Lotte ran an eight-game winning streak, starting with a victory against KIA on the 20th. It is the first time in 13 years since the match against Hanwha on June 12, 2010, that Lotte recorded 8 consecutive wins in the regular season. Also, as SSG lost that day, Lotte rose to the top of the league for the first time in 11 years since July 7, 2012.

Lotte took the lead on this day. In the bottom of the second inning, An Chi-Hong’s walk, the opposing defense’s error, and Lee Hak-Ju’s hit combined to give Lotte a chance to load the bases with one out. In the third inning with a 1-0 lead, An Chi-Hong brought Jeon Jun-Woo home with a double and took a two-run lead.

Lotte allowed 5 turnovers. Kiwoom quickly scored 3 points with Kim Hye-sung’s hits and Russell, Lee Won-seok, and Park Chan-hyuk’s timely hits and succeeded in reversing.

However, Lotte seemed to have forgotten how to lose. Successfully reversed in the 7th inning. Ahn Kwon-soo and Kim Min-seok’s consecutive hits and Koh Seung-min’s ground ball created chances for 2 out 1st and 3rd base. Opponent pitcher Kim Dong-hyuk balked and third base runner Ahn Kwon-soo came home. Afterwards, Jack Rex and Jeon Jun-woo’s timely hits broke out in succession, turning the score 5-3. In particular, Jeon Jun-woo achieved 2,600 total bases for the 33rd time in KBO League history with a timely hit on this day.

Lotte tried to set up Dan Strayley as a starter that day, but Han Hyun-hee showed a willingness to pitch against Kiwoom, a ‘family team’, and raised him. However, Han Hyun-hee allowed 7 hits and 3 walks on 4 balls in 4 1/3 innings and allowed 3 runs메이저놀이터, failing to meet the requirements for a winning pitcher. However, Kim Jin-wook, Kim Sang-soo, Koo Seung-min, and Kim Won-joong, who took the mound after Han Hyun-hee, kept the victory by blocking the scoreless run.

In the other lineup, Ahn Kwon-soo and Kim Min-seok, who formed table setters, and Rex Jeon Jun-woo, who were placed in the cleanup trio, each recorded multi-hits and led the team to 8 consecutive wins.

Lotte won 5-2 in the first game against Kiwoom on the 28th, and recorded 7 consecutive wins in about 10 years and 10 months after the match against Hanwha on June 28, 2012.

On this day, Lotte scored 4 points at the end of the 2nd inning and made a ‘big inning’ and took the lead from the beginning. Lotte gave 2 points to Kiwoom at the beginning of the 3rd inning, but did not allow a turnaround. Noh Jin-hyeok’s timely hit in the 8th inning put a wedge in the game.

Lotte starter Charlie Barnes was sluggish that day as well. He gave up 6 hits and 4 walks on 4 walks in 4 innings and gave up 2 runs. Lotte hurriedly lowered the barns and cooked the opponent’s batting line with the ‘injury tactic’. Shin Jeong-rak, Kim Sang-soo, Kim Jin-wook, Choi Jun-yong, Yoon Myeong-jun, Koo Seung-min, and Kim Won-joong came out and did not allow a single point. In particular, Shin Jeong-rak, who climbed the mound in the 5th inning, became a winning pitcher even after throwing 1 inning, recording his 2nd win of the season.

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