Suwon Samsung starts ‘reconstruction of famous house’ through water change

After a nightmare year in the 2022 season,온라인바카라 Suwon Samsung, a professional football club, is going to ‘reconstruct the famous family’ in the 2023 season.

Suwon managed to survive last season in the 10th place (44 points) in the promotion playoff (PO) crisis. Ahn Byeong-jun, who received an emergency blood transfusion in the summer transfer market, and Oh Hyun-kyu, ‘Young Gun’, and Jeon Jin-woo performed well in the second half, but could not make up for the first half’s performance, which remained in the lower ranks due to empty spaces such as the absence of a side striker and sluggish growth.

Accordingly, Suwon started rebuilding by arranging 15 players. It is regrettable that promising star Kang Hyeon-mook enlisted in the military and Oh Hyeon-kyu left for Celtic, but it is evaluated that the quality and quantity of the squad has been further strengthened as reinforcements have been made well at the right time.

As for the goalkeeper, Hyung-mo Yang, the starting pitcher, wears goalkeeper gloves. However, as Nodong-gun left for Suwon FC, the weight of the backup fell. It is expected that the key will be how long Yang Hyung-mo, who showed ups and downs during the last season, can endure.

For the defense, which will be packed with four backs, the task is to find a mate of Bulduis. Yang Sang-min has retired, and Min-ki is also injured, so a long-term absence is inevitable. The performance of the first half depends on how much the gap is filled by Ko Myeong-seok, who played an active role in the second half of last season, and Han Ho-gang, who was newly recruited.

Lee Gi-je remained in the side defense, and Kim Tae-hwan, who improved further in the second half of last season, is reassuring. However, the lack of backup is disappointing. The performance of U22 resources, such as Jang Seok-hwan from Bayern Munich, has become important.

In the midfield, Manabu Saito and Sarichi left, but Seung-beom Koh returned from military service, and Jong-seong Lee, who was recruited last summer and performed beyond expectations, is reassuring. Choi Seong-geun, who returned from injury, and Jung Seung-won also finished the adaptation period in Suwon, and a stable composition was completed.

In the second line, large-scale resources that will inspire creativity have been reinforced. Basani, who has dribbling and shooting skills, and Kim Bo-kyung, who is not in his prime but is expected to play well for at least one or two seasons, will add vitality.

As for the offensive line, expectations are high for tall striker Mulich, who was recruited as a substitute for Oh Hyun-gyu. It seems that he will compete with Ahn Byung-jun for the starting position. On the side, they recruited Anyangseo Akosti and Kim Kyung-joong to put in the effort. Although they are from the K-League 2, it is evaluated that they are good enough as a starting point in the 1st division. Ryu Seung-woo and Jeon Jin-woo also stayed on the team. It shows the determination not to repeat the nightmare of last season, which was plagued by empty space.

It remains to be seen if Suwon, which is aiming for the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) beyond returning to the top split, will be able to revive itself by recreating the glory it had before this season.

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