Sterling, Cejudo, Burns, Andred, Ebloev, and other main card top dogs all passed the weigh-in-UFC 288

All 10 players from the five main card matches, including current champion Aljamain Sterling and former champion Henry Cejudo, passed the weigh-in메이저놀이터 without any problems.

Sterling, who defended her third bantamweight title amid an eight-fight streak, weighed 134 pounds, and Cejudo, who stood in the octagon for the first time in three years, weighed 135 pounds.

The outcome between the two is unpredictable. It’s the most close match of recent fights, and it’s equally -110 vs -110.

Belal Muhammad (fourth), who is fighting for the welterweight rankings, passed at 170 pounds and fifth place Gilbert Burns at 171 pounds.

Burns, who has been showing off a good game recently, is the top dog at -125. Master of Decisions (16 of 22 wins) Muhammad is the underdog at +105, but within a manageable margin.

Jessica Andred, the only female fighter on the main card, and China’s Yan Xiaonan both weighed 115 pounds.

Former champion Andred is the top dog. At -190, he is ahead of Shaonan at +160.

However, Xiaonan (MMA 16-3, UFC 7-2) was confident of victory and announced that she would challenge for the strawweight title next time. Ebloev, an emerging powerhouse in the featherweight division with

16 wins in MMA and 6 wins in UFC, is -260, the biggest difference among the 5 main card fights. Lopez, who hastily jumped in due to Bryce Mitchell’s injury, is the underdog with +220. The difference is not as big as you might think. It was expected to exceed plus or minus 600 units, but it does not exceed 500. UFC 288 will be broadcast on TVING from 11:00 am on the 7th.

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