‘Son-Ke Duo Disbanded’ Due to Harry Kane Transfer Rumors

There is a possibility that the ‘Son-Ke Duo’ of Tottenham in the English Premier League will be disbanded. Harry Kane’s move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

On the 17th, Foot Mercato, a football media outlet, reported that “Kane’s agent met PSG Luis Campos, the general manager.”

Kane has yet to sign a new contract with Tottenham ahead of the expiration of next year. PSG joined the team as manager Eric Tenhagh’s Manchester United had long been eyeing the signing of Kane.

However, Foot Mercato said that this meeting was the first meeting to understand Kane’s thoughts, and it was unclear whether the transfer could be accomplished.

The Tottenham club also has no intention of easily handing over Kane, the nucleus of its power, but it is known that it is willing to secure potential cash assets rather than sending it to free agency without a transfer fee.

French media Le Parisien said, “PSG’s loss of Robert Lewandowski last season strengthened the club’s need for a new number 9 signing카지노사이트.” interpreted as “that

While rumors of Messi and Neymar’s transfer continue to emerge, PSG is interested in signing not only Kane, but also ‘Kim Min-jae’s colleague’ Victor Osimen. However, due to the astronomical ransom of 130 million pounds (approximately 217.8 billion won) that Napoli attached to Osimen, Kane is considered an alternative in a situation where there is no choice but to consider other options.

Kane is expected to be able to sign at a lower price than Osimen when his contract with Tottenham expires next year. Le Parisien estimated Kane’s transfer fee to be 87 million pounds (approximately 145.8 billion won), evaluating it as an efficient alternative to Osimen.

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