Seoul E-Land coach Park Choong-gyun, “We will definitely achieve promotion this season”

At ‘Final Touch 2022’ held by Seoul E-Land FC as the last event of 2022, new coach Park Chung-gyun revealed his aspirations for the new season.

Seoul E-Land announced that it held the ‘Final Touch 2022’ event at Kensington Resort Gapyeong on the 17th (Sat) and held an event to look back on the 2022 season with fans.

‘Final Touch’ is a traditional event unique to Seoul E-Land FC that settles the season with fans after the end of each season.

This event, which was held again after three years due to the aftermath of Corona 19, was planned for the players and the front desk to take the lead in communicating with fans and re-establish a bond between them.

This event, which was completed on a first-come, first-served basis within 2 hours of opening, started with the winter training session ▲ ‘Ashley Queens Meal’ with the players, ▲ ‘Recruited Player Balance Game’ to get closer to the newly recruited players, and ▲ It is composed of various programs such as ‘Ask Anything’ to satisfy your curiosity about the event, and ‘Visiting Fan Signing Event’ where fans move freely. 안전놀이터

In particular, a communication event was held in which the players and fans were organized in one group and the players answered directly, and the fans and the players were harmonized together and had a precious time to communicate more closely.

In addition, a retirement ceremony was held for defender Kim Jin-hwan, who devoted himself to the team for three seasons, and an event was held to bless the future.

Head coach Park Choong-kyun said, “Having precious time with fans during winter training will instill special motivation in the team.”

A fan who participated in the event said, “I am happy to directly confirm the club’s willingness to communicate with fans and the team’s determination for promotion in the upcoming 2023 season. I want to support my team, Seoul E-Land FC, at the stadium as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, all fans who participated in the event were provided with an ‘Eco-friendly Recycle Bag’ and a ‘Final Touch Commemorative Tumbler’, which were reprocessed banners produced during the last Hana 1Q K League 2 2022 Round 42 ‘New Balance Brand Day’ event.