Seoul Baek Hospital closes after 82 years…accumulated 17.45 billion won over 20 years

Inje University’s Seoul Paik Hospital in Jung-gu, Seoul, is closing 82 years after its opening. It has been 82 years since the hospital opened in 1941 as Baekin Medical Center. The hospital has been considering closure since 2004, when it turned into a deficit and accumulated more than 170 billion won until last year.

On the 5th, an official from Seoul Baek Hospital said메이저놀이터, “We will hold a board meeting on the 20th to vote on the proposal to close Seoul Baek Hospital, which was decided by the Seoul Baek Hospital Management Normalization Task Force.”

If the closure proposal is approved, Seoul Baek Hospital, which opened in 1941 under the name ‘Baekin Surgical Hospital,’ will disappear into history after 82 years.

The proposal to close the hospital is due to accumulated deficits over the past 20 years. Until this year, the hospital’s accumulated deficit amounted to 174.5 billion won. The deficit has been covered by the profits of four “brother hospitals,” including Ilsan Baek Hospital.

Injehak said that even if Seoul Baek Hospital closes, it will continue to employ nearly 400 people through its other hospitals. In addition to Seoul Baek Hospital, Injehak operates Sanggye, Ilsan, Busan, and Haeundae hospitals.

A hospital official said, “Only the board of directors’ decision remains. After that, we will inform patients and others about the outcome and related matters.”

Meanwhile, general hospitals in the center of Seoul have been closing one by one over the past 20 years. In the past, Chung-Ang University Pil-Dong Hospital in 2004, Ewha Womans University Dongdaemun Hospital in 2008, Chung-Ang University Yongsan Hospital in 2011, St. Paul’s Hospital in 2019, and Cheil Hospital in 2021 have closed or relocated. This is due to the fact that small and medium-sized general hospitals in Seoul are struggling to operate as patients flock to the so-called Big 5 – Asan Medical Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Yonsei University Medical Center, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, and Samsung Medical Center.

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