‘Second Kim Min-jae’ going out for the U-20 World Cup… Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “Chew and eat!”

Coach Ki-hyung Lee gave strength to Kim Ji-soo, who is participating in the FIFA Under-20 (U-20) World Cup.

Seongnam FC drew 2-2 with Kim Cheon in the 12th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex at 6:30 pm on the 7th. Seongnam maintained 7th place.

Before the game, coach Kim Eun-joong메이저놀이터 announced the U-20 World Cup roster. The U-20 World Cup was scheduled to be held in Indonesia in 2021, but was postponed in the aftermath of the Corona 19 epidemic and was to be held this year, but was canceled due to conflict with Israel and will be held in Argentina. Kim Ji-soo was named. Kim Ji-soo made a good impression while raging at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 Asian Cup and was included in the final list for the U-20 World Cup.

Kim Ji-soo is a center back born in 2004. He left Poongsaeng High School and came to his professional stage last season by signing a semi-professional contract for the first time with Seongnam FC. He has high potential and is considered to be physically good compared to his age, but few thought he would play professionally right away. Contrary to expectations, Kim Ji-soo played 19 games last season. This was the result of the situation in Seongnam, where recruits such as Kwon Wan-kyu and Kim Min-hyuk suffered from injuries.

He performed beyond expectations. He surprised everyone with his excellent defense against his seniors. There were many evaluations that Kim Min-jae came to mind because of his good ball handling skills and passing ability, as well as his physical and defensive power. He became more famous when he was selected for a friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur. As a result, he was not nominated for the Young Player Award, but it was clear that he left a huge impact.

Kim Ji-soo, the ‘second Kim Min-jae’, plans to show off his skills properly at the U-20 World Cup. The U-20 World Cup attracts scouts from many big European clubs. It can be a good stage for Kim Ji-soo, who is already receiving attention from many European clubs.

Director Lee Ki-hyeong gave Kim Ji-soo strength. In the pre-interview with Kim Cheon-jeon, when a question related to Kim Ji-soo came up, he said, “Before I went this time, I said that I was sorry. He told me to come, be confident and do well.”

He added, “I said that there would definitely be an opportunity because I had a lot of time. I told him not to feel too upset about that part and to go to the national team and become the captain and go back.”

The U-20 World Cup, played by Kim Ji-soo, will be held from May 20 to June 11 local time. The national team players have already completed their departure on the 7th. Korea will play the group stage against France, Honduras and Gambia.

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