“‘Season Ends Itself’ Kim Min-jae Leaves Like a Soldier…No Goodbye”→Italian media outpouring sadness

Italian media reported on the Napoli players’ escape rush while also reporting on Kim Min-jae’s transfer. In particular, Kim Min-jae’s departure from Napoli was described in great detail and with a sad tone.

Despite the fact that the 2022/23 season was Napoli’s first in Europe’s top five leagues, the defender established himself as one of the best defenders in Europe, dominating Serie A attackers. His performance helped Napoli win their first Serie A title in 33 years. Kim was recognized for his performance by being named Serie A’s best defender.

Interest from big clubs quickly followed. Premier League clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City have been the center of attention, but it’s Bayern Munich who are closest to signing Kim. The Bavarians made him a transfer target and tried to convince him with a contract offer and a team project. The player was reportedly attracted to the offer.

Eventually, European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano reported on social media that “Munich is ready to activate the buyout clause within 10 days and activate all procedures to sign Kim Min-jae,” indicating that the moment was imminent for Kim to leave Napoli and join Munich.

Napoli initially tried to extend his contract with an increased salary in order to keep him for at least one more season, but he chose to join Munich, which offered a much higher salary than Napoli’s offer, and eventually let him go.

In the meantime, the Italian media also expressed their disappointment at the fact that Kim Min-jae was leaving Napoli and expressed their disappointment in a slightly stronger way.

Italian media outlet ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ reported on the situation in Napoli on March 3 (KST), saying, “We won the Scudetto, but most people are leaving.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport first mentioned coach Luciano Spalletti and president Cristian Giuntoli as those who will leave Napoli in the summer transfer window, and then mentioned Kim Min-jae. “The player who a year ago was mocked (like a cigarette) as Horseshoe, Camel and KIM, a player who looked like a giant throughout the season, but who ended the last game of the season with a self-imposed suspension,” the paper said. “He left for his country like a soldier running away to become a soldier, without a personal photo of him lifting a trophy,” referring to the fact that he missed the last game of the season and left Napoli straight away to join basic military training.메이저사이트

“He will go straight to Munich without saying goodbye to Napoli and the fans,” he added, making it sound like he signed a contract with Munich right after his military training, leaving Napoli without waving goodbye.

The media cited the buyout clause as the reason for Kim’s departure. “The buyout clause is to blame for Kim Min-jae. Munich will pay the buyout and take Kim Min-jae with them.”

Kim joined Napoli last summer from Turkkiye Fenerbahçe and was initially targeted by several European clubs, but Napoli were able to negotiate and accept the €50 million buyout clause that Kim’s side demanded.

However, this proved to be a big mistake on Napoli’s part. Within a year, the player had surpassed the buyout clause and was receiving offers from big clubs and was on his way to Munich.

In addition to Kim, the newspaper also mentioned the departure of president Giuntoli and coach Spalletti, saying, “Spalletti must have been disappointed with the club’s management after winning the title. Giuntoli is expected to leave for Juventus, where he will organize the team in his own way.”

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