Scissor kick with crutches and ‘one leg’… Oleksi wins the Pushka Posi Prize

This goal, scored with one leg on crutches, was chosen as the most beautiful goal of last year. It also broke the prejudice that only professional players can receive awards.


mid-range shot, who doesn’t know how many defenders he has pierced by kicking the corner kick as strong as it is.

Hischarlisson’s kick, which turned and changed direction in the air, was considered the best goal of the World Cup.

These are within three fingers of FIFA’s 11 most beautiful goals.

However, the most notable was this goal, which he made with only one leg while using crutches.

[Marcin Oleksi!]

The most artistic goal, the main character of the Pushkasi Award, Oleksi was a talented goalkeeper 13 years ago.

However, he lost his left leg in a car accident and after a few years of wandering, started playing football again by kicking a ball with his son.

When this goal, which even announced unfamiliar amputation soccer, rang out again at the FIFA awards ceremony, they laughed brightly, and Messi, Mbappe, and the world’s best players applauded.

[Marcin Oleksi/Varta Poznan: I hope many people around the world get hope. We can stand up for ourselves.]

Messi has risen to the top player list again after 4 years.

Messi, who led Argentina to win the World Cup for the first time in 36 years with 7 goals and 3 assists at the Qatar World Cup last year, has already become the 7th player with the most awards.

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