‘Rookie with model force’ Kim Na-young “I want to win 2 wins on the Dream Tour and go on a regular tour”

Kim Na-young (20), who is currently active in the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Dream Tour (Part 2), is the first player to be spotted by apparel sponsors. Hearing that she is 176 cm tall and has a slender figure, she is like a model, and many clothing companies have sent love calls to Kim Na-young. Seeing Nayoung Kim’s potential, she signed a sponsorship contract with global brand Adidas. Nayoung Kim, who is showing her potential by finishing third in the prize money rankings on her dream tour this season, is working hard to make her debut on the regular tour.

Nayoung Kim said in a recent interview with Edaily, “Last year, I was recommended to participate in the KG Edaily Ladies Open. It was her first KLPGA Tour event as a pro, and her course was neat and there were many galleries, which made her want to go on a regular tour even stronger.”

He has no experience with the national team or the standing army, but he has recently shown himself on the Dream Tour. He is in third place on the money list with two top-10 finishes in five events this season. He finished 21st in the 메이저놀이터prize money rankings last year on the Dream Tour, and this year he is regretting that he did not receive the regular tour seeding ticket, which gives him 20th place.

Kim Na-young said, “Last year, I felt a lot of lacking in the second half of the tournament. It’s a pity that he couldn’t go on the regular tour, but he promised to practice a lot.” He gritted his teeth during 53 days of winter training in Malaysia. Kim Na-young said, “This year, rather than worrying about the seed with a narrow ranking like last year, I worked harder to win the seed and show my growth by recording a higher ranking.”

A natural long hitter who hits an average driver shot of 250m, he made a consistent swing and worked hard on weight training to strengthen his stamina. Park Bo-gyeom (25), who first won the KLPGA Tour Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open earlier this month, and other regular tour seniors played rounds to learn how to attack the course more maturely.

Kim Na-young laughed, saying, “Thanks to that, she hits her driver shots accurately without going outside, and thanks to the putt support, she can hit her shots with more confidence.”

He started playing tennis in his childhood following his parents who were former tennis players. As he caught the fast-flying tennis ball, his grip naturally strengthened. Thanks to that, he started hitting golf naturally when he was 12 years old. He, who was already tall enough to be over 170cm in elementary school, said, “It may sound arrogant, but he never really tried to distance himself. However, he likes to exercise, so since he was in elementary school, he has been running a lot and doing simple weight training without lifting weights.”

It was Baek Gyu-gyu and Lee Jung-min who started playing golf. His height and cool swing are similar to Kim Na-young. Kim Na-young said, “Seeing Baek Gyu-gyu unnie win the LPGA Tour event, I also had the ambition to play an active role on the world stage.”

Kim Na-young dreams of entering the regular tour after achieving satisfactory results on the Dream Tour this season. He stressed, “I am playing while thinking about winning one tournament at a time, so my goal is to win 2 wins on the Dream Tour this season and go on to the regular tour.”

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