Righteous man disappears after saving child from ocean plunge…parents ‘scour internet’ for answers

“I was looking for the child who flew into the sea, but someone had already saved him and he disappeared in an instant.”

At around 11 a.m. on April 4, a child riding a bicycle downhill on the coast of Gapado, an island within Jeju Island, failed to slow down and fell three meters into the sea.

It was Gapado resident and poet Choi In-chan (63) who appeared like Superman and saved the child.

Choi was having coffee nearby when he heard the urgent voice of a friend who witnessed the crash and immediately got behind the wheel of his motorcycle.

When Choi arrived at the scene, about 200 meters away, Mr. A was barely holding on to the boat’s ropes after being hit by a boat moored at the dock and falling into the sea. The water was about 3 meters deep, two to three times deeper than a typical child’s height.

As soon as Choi saw the child’s terrified face, he didn’t think twice before taking off his top and jumping straight into the water.

After catching the child, Mr. Choi reassured the shivering Mr. A that he only needed to keep his head out of the water.

“Luckily, a docked ship was not far away, so the residents and paramedics who arrived at the scene worked together to pull him up,” Choi said메이저사이트. “The slope where the accident occurred was dangerous because of its incline, and we were lucky that he didn’t hit a rock or something.”

After the rescue, Mr. Choi realized that one of his Class A shoes was missing, so he went back into the sea to retrieve it and reassured the frightened child by giving him water.

Choi suffers from heart disease and spinal stenosis, so his body reacts instinctively when he moves too fast or jumps into the water, even though he knows it’s dangerous for him.

“I’ve had spinal stenosis for a long time, and I’ve survived two heart attacks,” Choi said, adding, “I’m also undergoing heart treatment, so I have to be careful, but in such a critical situation, it’s only natural to save the child first.”

The parents of Group A also turned to online communities to search for Mr. Choi.

“After my child fell in, I looked at the sea for a moment and saw only my child’s shoes floating,” the mother explained, “I was so surprised that I thought he had sunk, so I looked for him, but it turned out that he had already jumped into the sea and saved him.”

“I was so surprised that I was crying while holding on to my child, but he disappeared in an instant,” she said. “He brought me a change of clothes and asked me to give him my address, but I said it was okay. I could only say thank you and wanted to make a case.”

Mr. Choi responded, “Of course, that’s all,” and threw up his hands, saying, “It’s enough that the child was not seriously injured.”

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