Removing the stigma of ‘problem child’ from the EPL ↔ ‘Nuclear insider’ in the ‘macho country’… 21-year-old ace enjoying ‘life mastery of life’

On the 21st of last month, Manchester United said, “We terminated the contract with Mason Greenwood by mutual agreement,” and added, “We conducted a long-term internal investigation into the Greenwood incident. I gathered all the information I could and investigated Greenwood. There are no further criminal charges, but both sides have accepted that playing for Manchester United will be difficult. “We have concluded the termination of the contract by mutual agreement,” the official announced.

As a result, Greenwood, who joined the Manchester United youth team in 2007 and made his professional debut in 2018, will leave Manchester United after about 16 years.

Greenwood also said, “Even though all of the charges against me have been cleared, I know there is still a lot of criticism directed at me on social media. I also understand that people will think worse. “No act of violence can be justified,” he said. “I will acknowledge and take responsibility for all of my past mistakes.” I will show a responsible attitude as a professional soccer player. What was announced today (contract termination) is something that I, my family, and the club all agreed to. It’s the best decision for all of us. I am grateful to everyone who believed in and supported me along the way. “I will set an example both on and off the pitch,” he said as he bid farewell to Manchester United.

In fact, Manchester United pushed for his return. However, due to continued resistance from female fans, Greenwood’s return to Old Trafford ultimately ended. Ten days later, dramatic news was delivered. Getafe of Spain’s La Liga announced the signing of Greenwood. A Spanish transfer was finalized just minutes before the summer transfer window closed.

Since moving to Getafe, Greenwood has yet to make his official debut. However, The Sun reported on the 16th that Greenwood, who was kicked out of England and the EPL, is being welcomed in Spain’s La Liga.

The Sun said: “Mason Greenwood can’t believe how well his outing with his girlfriend and Getafe side Wag is going.” It is said that they are being treated completely differently from the UK.

According to The Sun, Greenwood, who moved to Getafe on loan, is receiving a huge welcome locally. His girlfriend, who gave birth to a child last July, is also gaining popularity among the wives and girlfriends of Getafe team members. She is so welcoming that they go shopping together.

Mason Greenwood leaves England It hasn’t even been two weeks since she moved to Spain, but she is loving her life in Spain, she says. He has received a hero’s welcome from the club and fans have been purchasing Greenwood’s jerseys from the club’s market. Media reports said more jerseys with Greenwood’s name on them had been sold in the past two weeks than any other player in the club’s history.안전놀이터

Greenwood has been confined to his home for nearly two years after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman in January last year. The move to Getafe was said to be “a breath of fresh air” for him. For many years Greenwood’s life in Manchester was confined to his home. Even though the charges against him were dropped, it was as if he was living in a prison rather than a prison.

But Greenwood and his girlfriend have been able to go to supermarkets and restaurants in Spain, and Greenwood has been treated warmly as people recognize him.

Greenwood’s girlfriend, Harriet Robson, came to Spain with Greenwood after giving birth last July. Robson is said to have received a warm welcome from her colleagues and the women, who took her to Madrid’s shopping district on several occasions.

Of course, it’s unclear whether Robson will stay in Spain with Greenwood or visit regularly with the baby.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Greenwood will make his debut in the match against Osasuna to be held on the afternoon of the 17th local time. Greenwood has yet to return to the pitch since the match against West Ham in January 2021. He will be making his comeback after about 18 months.

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