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who was unable to participate in the Australian Open last year due to the issue of not being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), is in the quarterfinals at this tournament, which returned after two years. 온라인카지노

Despite suffering from a hamstring injury before the tournament, Djokovic is showing off his strength. Since strong players such as his biggest rival Rafael Nadal (2nd place, Spain) were eliminated early, Djokovic’s chances of winning seem quite high.

Quarterfinal opponent Andrei Rublev (6th place, Russia) and semifinalist Stephanos Tsitsipas (4th place, Greece) are considered to be the players to check the championship challenge, but in terms of name value, it is also Djokovic’s side.

In this situation, there is an opinion that Djokovic is exaggerating his injury. He expressed doubts about his amazing performance even with a hamstring injury.

“I don’t have to prove my injury to anyone,” Djokovic said.

He said, “It’s always only my injury that matters. When other players are injured, I become a victim, but when I am injured, I become a cheater. I don’t think I have to prove anything to anyone.” revealed

“I have MRIs, ultrasounds and everything else from two years ago and now. Whether I want to present this in a documentary or post it on social media depends on my mood. I may or may not do it,” he added.

“I’m used to these things and it only gives me extra strength and motivation, so I’m grateful to them,” he said with a skeptical gaze.

Meanwhile, Victoria Azarenka (24th, Belarus), who advanced to the semifinals of the women’s singles at this tournament, also drew attention by making a statement defending Djokovic.

“I agree with Djokovic,” Azarenka said. “I think people have a huge need to write stories of villains and heroes. But players aren’t villains. We’re just normal human beings going through so much.”

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