PSG Same Age Chin Chin’ Mbappe Hakimi met in the semi-finals… I don’t see any acknowledgment

A really close 24-year-old colleague and friend of the same age met as adversaries. This is the story of Kylian Mbappe (France) and Ashraf Hakimi (Morocco).

The two will face off in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar at 4:00 am on the 15th. Mbappe is the best striker in the world who crosses the center and left. Hakimi is a world-class right full-back with great speed. If the two meet as enemies, a head-on collision is inevitable due to their positions.

Mbappe and Hakimi belong to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), France. The two have played in every game as a starter this season and worked together. Mbappe has been playing for PSG for five seasons from the 2018-2019 season. Hakimi is in its second season.

Mbappe and Hakimi often exchange goals and assists. The PSG club posted a video titled ‘The Magic Duo’ in June. Looking at the video, the two are closer than normal teammates. Not only the goal ceremony, but also various gestures together. They often train in pairs, and the plane seats are attached. Mbappe also attended an event for Moroccan fans. 스포츠토토

Mbappe is considered one of the best strikers of all time. He is recognized as a perfect striker as he combines dribbling, passing, shooting, speed, movement, stamina, and assisting ability. Mbappe is the leading scorer in the French Ligue 1 this season (12 goals, 14 games). He is also the sole leading scorer at the World Cup in Qatar with 5 goals. He is a player who is difficult to defend one-on-one because of his speed.

Hakimi is also very fast and strong. It’s speedy, dynamic, and has power. Great attention is focused on the confrontation between Hakimi, an attacking right fullback who is good at one-on-one defense, and Mbappe. Hakimi scored 3 goals (1 assist) in 14 matches in the French league this season, just like Mbappe. He appeared in 59 A matches, scoring 8 goals and 8 assists. His ransom is 65 million euros, or about 89.6 billion won. He is one of the best right full-backs.

On the 12th, ahead of the head-to-head match, the two appeared together on YouTube of Qatar’s ‘Bein Sports’. This is a hot video of the two of them wearing PSG tops at the Qatar World Cup stadium. When Mpabe said, “I have to destroy my friend,” Hakimi replied, “I’m gonna kick him.”

In the short video, the two continued to laugh. After the confrontation between the two, who will laugh and who will cry? Joys and sorrows will be different, but it seems clear that consolation and congratulations will come and go.

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