‘Prohibited drug discovery → Ace Gaegwacheonseon’ 5-year 117.6 billion contract… Why did the donation be specified?

 San Francisco Giants ace Logan Webb (27) signed an extension contract. 

The San Francisco Giants announced on the 15th (Korean time) that they had signed a five-year, $90 million (approximately 117.6 billion won) contract extension with pitcher Logan Webb. 

The contract will come into force from 2024. It is a condition of receiving an annual salary of $8 million in 2024, $12 million in 2025, $23 million in 2026-2027, and $24 million in 2028. It will also donate close to $500,000 (about 650 million won)메이저놀이터 of the total amount to the Giants Community Foundation. 

Webb was drafted by San Francisco in the 4th round of the 2014 draft. He was from Rocklin, near San Francisco, and was likely to become a local boy and franchise star. He was exceptional for his athletic abilities, including playing American football at the same time.

He underwent elbow ligament splicing surgery in 2016 and completed rehab, but made mistakes that would follow him for the rest of his life. In May 2019, he was suspended for 80 games after being caught taking performance-enhancing drugs. San Francisco believed in Webb’s talent. After his banned substance suspension ended, he was called up straight to the major leagues to where he is today. 

He was called up to the major leagues in 2019 and has a record of 31 wins and 22 losses in 83 games (80 starts) in 5 seasons and an earned run average of 3.53. From 2021, his skills are in full bloom. He played in 27 games (26 starts) with an ERA of 3.03, 11 wins and 3 losses, and last year as a full-time starter, he recorded 15 wins and 9 losses and an ERA of 2.90 in 32 games, reborn as the future ace of San Francisco. 

Even before this season, Webb and San Francisco, which started negotiating an extension contract early, agreed to an extension contract without difficulty. “His performance, competitiveness and love for his community, including the Bay Area, shows how much a player who grew up in the region means to the club,” said general manager Farhan Zaidi. Logan (Webb) is a perfect fit for the player we want,” he said. “There are no concerns about the size of the contract. Considering the market situation, I wanted to make a fair contract for both sides.”

Webb also said, “It was important to say that you can wear a Giants uniform for a long time. It is important not only to myself but also to my family. I know they were very excited too. Rocklin (Webb’s hometown) has a lot of die-hard Giants fans, so that’s where I wanted to be. It is an honor to extend the contract,” he said.

In addition, Webb donates a portion of the contract to community drug addiction prevention. There was a special reason. In December 2021, he let go of his cousin Cade Webb because of the narcotic painkiller fentanyl. In order to raise awareness about the dangers of fentanyl addiction, we decided to donate part of the contract to the community. “It was really devastating,” Webb said. It made a huge impact on our family. Part of the reason I want to tell you this is because I know how devastating this incident has been for my family. I don’t want to see other family members get caught up in the same thing. That’s a really big problem. It is especially important to instill awareness among the younger generation.” 

Fentanyl addiction is currently emerging as a major issue in American society. Called a ‘zombie drug’, it is known to be 50 times more addictive than heroin and 100 times more addictive than morphine. According to the Washington Post, the number one cause of death among 18-49-year-olds in the United States is illegal fentanyl poisoning. Of the 107,622 deaths from drug overdoses in the United States last year, about two-thirds were due to fentanyl poisoning.

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