‘Outfield defense 10797⅔ innings’ Brantley, first baseman transition…”Team First”

Major League (MLB) veteran outfielder Michael Brantley (36) changes positions in the 15th season of his big league debut. 메이저사이트

MLB.com captured and delivered eye-catching scenes from last year’s World Series champion Houston Astros spring camp. This is because Brantley, who only had to throw 10797 and 2/3 innings in his personal career, was training to defend first base in earnest. 

Houston recruited ‘Geopo’ Jose Abreu from the Stove League this winter. But Houston manager Dusty Baker seems to be writing a scenario where Abreu is left out of the starting lineup and Brantley is pitched as first base. Brantley pitched 464 and 1/3 innings as a first baseman in the minor leagues. 

In fact, in the Houston corner outfield, Brantley is the third option. Jordan Alvarez, who led the postseason last year, and Kyle Tucker, who hit 30 homers in two consecutive seasons (2021-2022), are ahead of him. On the MLB.com Houston Page Depth Chart, Brantley is also listed as a side outfielder and designated hitter (DH). 

First base backup resources include David Hensley and JJ Matievich, who are still inexperienced in the big leagues. Brantley’s preparation to double as first baseman has this background. He is currently training footwork and throwing with first base coach Omar Lopez. 

“I’ve always taken a team-first approach,” Brantley said. “It’s a challenge because I’m learning a lot very quickly, but so far it’s going smoothly. It’s important to help the team in some way.” He continued, “I’m doing my best to learn footwork and how to throw (infield) accurately. I also like to catch grounders.” 

Brantley underwent surgery on his right shoulder in August of last year. His World Series appearance was also canceled. It is expected that it will be difficult to participate in the Grapefruit League, which will be held from the 26th (Korean time). However, he is digesting training without any problems, and will start betting live soon. Brantley said he was “going well” with batting practice.

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