‘No. 1 is the constitution’…Kim Hae-sung blasts 11th home run of the season

Kim bats first and hits a home run in his first at-bat. The opposing pitcher’s face went blank, but the amazing thing is that his batting average went up as he batted first.

Reporter Choi Jong-hyuk.


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From his first at-bat in the first inning, Kim Ha-seong’s bat was fierce.스포츠토토

He bent his left knee to scoop up a ball that landed well below the strike zone, and it went over the fence.

[Kim fires a “cannonball. A ball that falls well outside the strike zone and takes the batter’s timing off, and he turns it into a home run – feet down, hands back].

It’s his 11th home run of the season, and the 30th of his career in his third year in the big leagues.

It tied his career home run record for a single season, and at his current pace, he’s on pace to surpass 20.

Add to that his 17th stolen base, and he’s within striking distance of becoming the first Asian infielder to join the “20-20 club” of hitting well and running well.

Kim, who has been the leadoff hitter since last month, is not only fulfilling his mission of putting the table on the table to give the next batter a chance to score, but he’s also putting up some impressive numbers.

His batting average is better at No. 8 (0.308) and No. 6 (0.270), but his on-base percentage is significantly higher when batting first (0.481).

Today (17th), he followed up his first-inning home run with a double in the eighth inning that hit the fence and fell just short of a home run, and he celebrated with a silly gesture.

The Dodgers, who are credited with the success of their batting order change thanks to Kim’s performance, lost in extra innings today due to a lack of depth on the mound.

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