Newcastle manager dismisses rumors of Ronaldo and Neymar signing “How old are you?”

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe dismissed rumors of signing Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. He announced that there is no possibility 크크크벳of securing two stars, saying, “You have to find young players.”

Newcastle finished third in the English Premier League this season and are on the verge of advancing to the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 21 years. In particular, as Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund took over the club last year, it is suffering from rumors that it will significantly expand its power this summer.

Ronaldo has been playing for Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr since January, and news that he wants to return to Europe through joining Newcastle, which is also run by Saudi capital, has flowed out.

Newcastle were among the next destinations discussed recently as reports surfaced that Ronaldo wanted to leave Al Nasr.

As Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is expected to send him this summer, Neymar is surrounded by observations that Newcastle, which is challenging the European stage, wants a class like Neymar.

One of those rumors is the recruitment rumor about Ronaldo and Neymar.

However, director Howe nailed that neither was of interest.

Newcastle will have a Premier League home game against Arsenal at 0:30 on the 8th, and coach Howe appeared at a press conference before Arsenal and as soon as he was asked questions about the two players, he said, “Many of the players who were floating around that would come to our club were not accurate.” We have to bring in the players wisely.”

“We want to find players before they explode on the world stage,” he said. “We have to go down there and find young players and develop them. We know the direction we need to go.”

Ronaldo was born in 1985 and is now 38 years old. Neymar may not be as old as Ronaldo, but he turned 31 this year. If you look at this remark, it means that the two names are not at all in Howe’s head.

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