NBA Daily Injury Report (January 30): Leonard-George Healthy, Scary Clippers Quietly Challenge 6 Wins in a Row

The hottest team recently, the Los Angeles Clippers, is challenging for a 6-game winning streak.

On the 30th (Korean time), the 2022-2023 NBA regular season game between the Clippers and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be held at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. It is a matchup that attracts a lot of attention as a confrontation between 스포츠토토 strong players who are ranked 5th in the East and 4th in the West, respectively.

The viewing point is clear. Currently, the Clippers, the team with the hottest momentum along with the Philadelphia 76ers, will face the ‘home extreme’ Cleveland. The Clippers didn’t show the expected performance at the beginning when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George returned from injury, but as a result of slowly adjusting their organization, they quietly reached 5 wins in a row and ranked up to 4th in the West. In a situation where Denver, ranked No. 1 in the West, is losing two consecutive losses, Memphis, No. 2, and Sacramento, No. 3, are losing two consecutive losses, a victory in the game on this day will bring them one step closer to leaping to the top of the West.

The opponent is not formidable. Cleveland is 20-5 in the Home Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse this season. Cleveland, who took the loss of the previous game, has a record of 4 wins and 6 losses in the last 10 games, but it is characterized by a completely different performance when it comes to home.

A bout between the home powerhouse Cleveland and the powerful Clippers. Cleveland’s ace Donovan Mitchell is complaining of groin pain, so the uncertainty of whether he will play is the biggest risk factor. It is expected that the medical staff will check Mitchell’s physical condition before the game and decide whether he will participate. On the other hand, for the Clippers, key bench resource John Wall is absent due to an abdominal injury, and it is unclear whether Marcus Morris Sr. will play due to a rib injury. The one-two punch Leonard and George are expected to make a normal sortie. [Injury update as of 9:40 pm on the 29th]

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