“My colleagues are also shocked” Rojas, eventually giving up WBC participation for LA Dodgers

Miguel Rojas (34, Venezuela), who was suddenly selected as the starting shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season, eventually gave up participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

MLB.com, the official MLB website, said on the 3rd (Korean time), “Rojas was originally scheduled to leave for Florida (to play in the WBC), but the plan was revised as Gavin Lux was injured.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers transferred Trey Turner, who played as their starting shortstop last year, to the Philadelphia Phillies. He replaced Turner with Gavin Lux as his starting shortstop. In addition, Rojas was acquired from the Miami Marlins as a backup shortstop to support Lux.

However, an unexpected bad thing happened. Lux suffered a cruciate ligament injury during an exhibition game against the San Diego Padres on the 28th of last month and was ruled out for the season.

Accordingly, the Dodgers plan to use Rojas, who was recruited as a backup resource, as their starting shortstop.

If he was a backup, he could participate in the WBC tournament with a light mind without burdening the Dodgers. But now the position has changed. The LA Dodgers and homeland are all important to him.

In the end, at the crossroads of choice, Rojas chose his club. After discussions with Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and the club’s leadership, he decided to give up the WBC.

Rojas expressed his heartbreaking feelings, saying, “It was not an easy decision. Playing for Venezuela has always been a priority, and it has been of great value to me.”

He continued, “It is inevitable because I have to play every day as a team starter this season.”

Rojas said, “I’ve been preparing every day to play at shortstop for the past nine years. I always prepare to play 162 games. I’m ready to play no matter what happens,” Rojas said. “If I’m in the lineup, I’m ready to play. On the contrary, if you are not in the lineup, it means that you have completed preparations for the sortie on the bench.”먹튀검증

Colleagues say they are both grateful and shocked by his decision.

“(Rojas’ decision) will definitely help our team as an organization,” said Dodgers manager Roberts Roberts. (they were very grateful and shocked at his sacrifice).”

Meanwhile, Rojas boasted solid defense last year and was nominated for the National League (NL) Shortstop Gold Glove as three candidates. He has a career batting average of 0.260, 39 home runs, 269 RBIs and 46 stolen bases in his 9 major league seasons.

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