My 1-year-old survived…40 days on Amazon after a plane crash

When a light aircraft crashed in the Amazon rainforest, the young siblings on board went missing. They were found safe and sound 40 days later메이저놀이터.

Reporter Yong Sik Lee explains how they survived for so long.


These are the children who were found after 40 days in the Amazon jungle.

Their faces are gaunt, but they appear to be in good health.

They are brothers and sisters, the oldest is 13 and the youngest was 11 months old when they went missing, celebrating their first birthday in the jungle.

News of their miraculous rescue has the family and all of Colombia reeling.

[FIDENCIO VALENCIA/SURVIVOR GRANDFATHER: We are happy with the news that they found the children. We don’t know what to do right now, but we thank God].

A small plane crashed in the Amazon jungle in southern Colombia on March 1.

All three adults – the pilot and two adult passengers – were found dead, but the four children were not found at the crash site.

The Colombian government deployed 150 rescuers, five helicopters, and search dogs to scour the jungle, and the discovery of the children’s baby bottles and leftover pieces of fruit raised hopes that the siblings might be alive.

But as the rescue was delayed, there was growing concern about the young siblings’ ability to survive in the treacherous jungle, and then, after 40 days, a miracle happened.

[Gustavo Petro/President of Colombia: This is going to be history, these children are the children of peace, they are the children of Colombia].

The children likely survived on emergency food and survival kits dropped from the air by rescuers in the jungle.

The fact that the children are indigenous to southeastern Colombia may have also helped them survive the harsh jungle conditions.

The rescued siblings are reportedly in good health other than being slightly dehydrated.

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