Monster’ Joo Chun-hee returned to Samsung Life Insurance, ‘Female Eowoo-sam’ momentum solidified

On the 23rd, in the 2023 Dunamu Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) Women’s Korea League match held at Suwon Studio T, Samsung Life Insurance (director Chae Yoon-seok) defeated Posco International (hereinafter referred to as POSCO) with a set score of 3-1. 헤라카지노도메인

In the previous game, Samsung Life Insurance made 5 consecutive victories without Joo Chun-hee, and this time, it raised the monumental tower of victory one more level and secured its sole lead with 22 points (7 wins and 1 loss). 

From the first set, there was a big match between Joo Chun-hee and Yang Ha-eun. The rally continued with Joo Chun-hee, who had a strong forehand topspin, and Yang Ha-eun, who had sharp backhand skills, attacking various courses. The first and second sets were exchanged 11-8, and the match was split 15-13 in the third set. Yang Ha-eun took the lead first, and Joo Chun-hee chased after it, but in the end the victory went to Yang Ha-eun.

However, Lee Si-on, who started in the second set, defeated Na-eun Kim with a come-from-behind victory with her power. Although they lost the first set 8-11, they raised their concentration and won the second and third sets, returning the game to the starting point. 

The winner was 3 sets of doubles. Samsung Life produced a surprise victory over the veteran duo Yang Ha-eun and Yu Han-na by putting up a rookie Wie Ye-ji-Lee Chae-yeon pair. 

Joo Chun-hee returned to power again in the 4th set ace showdown. In response to Kim Na-young, he launched a powerful attack, giving up a game in the second set and winning both the first and third sets, resulting in a team victory.

In the men’s Korea League held earlier, the Korea Racing Association (director Choi Young-il) defeated Boram Hallelujah (director Seo Hyun-seok), the lowest place, with a set score of 3-1. 

Park Chan-hyeok defeated Park Kyung-tae 2-1 in the first set, and Baek Gwang-il continued with Giselle in the second set. Baek Gwang-il also teamed up with Hwang Jin-ha in the third set of doubles and won 2-0, confirming the team’s victory early.

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