Male beach handball, historic first win… Finished in 9th place

The Korean men’s beach handball team, which participated in the 9th Asian Men’s and Women’s Beach Handball Championships held in Bali, Indonesia, won its first historical victory over China in the final game of the tournament, the 9th-10th place.

With the record of winning the first set in the previous match against Saudi Arabia, the players’ tenacity for the first victory shined in the 9th-10th place match, the final match of this tournament held on the 17th.

In the face of China, the Korean national team, which was trailing by 4 points to 8-12 at the beginning of the first set, made a 14-12온라인바카라 comeback with Kim Chan-young (Kyunghee University) scoring consecutively. Afterwards, Kim Ki-yu(Kyunghee University), who widened the gap, finally won the first set 23-18.

In the second set, Kim Ki-yu, who showed good performance by scoring 11 points in the first set alone, shined. The Korean national team, which started the second set with Jeon Ji-min (Kangwon National University)’s goal, seized the victory with Kim Ki-yu’s consecutive goals in the middle of the second set.

The result of the 2nd set was 19-16, and the set score was 2-0, and the Korean men’s beach handball team achieved their first victory in an international competition. Kim Ki-yu contributed to the victory by scoring 21 points.

Qatar won the tournament undefeated. Oman came in second, and Iran came in third. 

Four countries participated in the women’s division, with Vietnam winning and the Philippines taking second place.

The national team, which has completed all competitions in ninth place, will arrive at Incheon International Airport at 9:30 am on the 21st.  

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