[Let’s run again, 2023 Daegu FC] The new axis of ‘Palgongsanseong’… Defender Kim Kang-san

Kim Kang-san of Daegu FC, a professional soccer player, is a defender who will continue the legacy of ‘Palgongsanseong Fortress’. He’s 184cm tall and his physical condition isn’t great, but he has an intelligent play and fighting spirit. With his quick feet and build-up ability, he is evaluated as a talent who will bring new vitality to Daegu’s defense.바카라

Kim Kang-san joined Daegu from K-League 2 Bucheon FC ahead of the new season. He is from Jeju, but Daegu is no stranger to him. After graduating from high school, he entered Daegu University and continued his career as an athlete. The potential Kim Kang-san showed at the time was enough to leave a clear impression on Daegu FC officials.

Now wearing a Daegu uniform, Kim Kang-san, who went to winter training in Kagoshima, Japan, laughed, saying, “Currently, my physical condition is about 70%. The training intensity is much harder than I thought.”

Kim Kang-san’s first goal is to learn Daegu’s football through winter field training.

He explained, “Above all, I am trying to understand the color of the team. The color is the opposite of that of my former team, Bucheon,” and “I am actively trying to unfold what the coach is asking for on the playground.”

There is another reason why Kim Kang-san is receiving extraordinary expectations. This is because Daegu’s key defender Jeong Tae-wook left for Jeonbuk last month. Kim Kang-san, who is just challenging the first division stage, has no choice but to be given a rather heavy role.

Kim Kang-san said, “Everyone knows (Jeong) Tae-wook is an excellent player.

Daegu’s outstanding defenders, such as Hong Jeong-woon, Cho Jin-woo, and Kim Jin-hyeok, are trustworthy colleagues but also rivals for the starting position. Their existence becomes a new stimulus to Kangsan Kim.

Kim Kang-san said, “All three players have clear strengths and are capable. There are many things to see and learn, and they have things I don’t have.” “he said.

Kim Kang-san, who stepped on the K-League 1 stage for the first time, expressed his aspirations, saying, “I think it’s more accurate to say that I’m excited rather than burdened. I’m looking forward to meeting great players.” revealed

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