‘League’s most 71 holds’ Lotte’s bare face, 35-year-old transfer player collapses due to bullpen overload… Are the top 5 meaningful?

Is it really necessary to go to the top 5 like this?

The Lotte Giants are recording 71 holds, the most in the league this year. This may mean that the pitchers in the winning team are solid, but on the other hand, it means that many close games with a difference of 3 points or less were created and many bullpen pitchers were brought in accordingly.

Koo Seung-min (21 holds), the second player in history to hold 20 holds for four consecutive years, Kim Sang-soo (17 holds), Kim Jin-wook, Choi Jun-yong (8 holds), Shim Jae-min, Yoon Myeong-jun (4 holds), Han Hyeon-hee (3 holds), Lee Tae-yeon, Choi I-jun, Jeong Seong-jong, Kim Do-gyu, Shin Jeong-rak, and Jin Seung-hyun. A total of 13 pitchers recorded holds, including (1 hold above).

The flow of Lotte’s game was such that not only the sure-win pitchers but also other players had to be deployed in close games. Lotte played 76 of the 115 games this year (54 wins, 61 losses) within a 3-point gap. This amounts to 66% of all games. They played 24 games (12 wins, 12 losses) with a 1-point difference. Another reason why the close game continued was that the batting line did not work smoothly.

Each pitcher from a sure-to-win team does not shy away from being pitched in a game-winning situation. He says he doesn’t mind fighting. This is not just about Lotte. Bullpen pitchers from every team say they will burn their bodies. Kim Sang-soo, Lotte’s 35-year-old veteran and sure-to-be winner, recently strengthened his motivation by saying, “I am confident in five consecutive fights.”

However, a pitcher’s shoulder is an expendable item, and his stamina is bound to deplete as the season progresses. His stamina cannot be stockpiled. As physical strength decreases, the risk of injury naturally increases. Lotte bullpen pitchers appeared in many games as they recorded many holds. Kim Sang-soo is tied for the most appearances with Kim Jin-seong (LG) with 63 games, and Koo Seung-min has appeared in 61 games. Closer Kim Won-joong also has 25 saves, but has already appeared in 52 games.

In the end, the more I step out, the more I am getting tired. Kim Sang-soo appeared in 24 games, the most in the second half of the season, and did not shy away from consecutive pitches, including four three-game pitches and one four-game pitch in the second half. However, on the 8th, against Changwon NC, he came on the mound while not in good condition. This was Kim Sang-soo’s fourth appearance as the team played six games out of a nine-game series this week.

He came up in the bottom of the 7th inning with a 3-2 lead, and gave up a walk to Son Ah-seop, a walk to Seo Ho-cheol, and a walk to Park Geon-woo. He threw 9 balls in a row, showing something uncharacteristic of Kim Sang-soo, and collapsed, clutching his right adductor muscle. The club announced that he had been dismissed due to adductor spasm and explained that after monitoring his condition, he was scheduled for a detailed examination at the hospital on the morning of the 9th. Kim Sang-soo had to come down from the mound with the help of trainers.스포츠토토

Previously, Koo Seung-min also showed abnormal signs. In the game against Doosan in Sajik on the 4th, Koo Seung-min was unable to play one inning due to discomfort in the back of his right shoulder and was kicked out early. He rested without any major problems, but in the game against Samsung in Ulsan on the 7th, he had to rest again after allowing one scoreless inning.

Throughout this season, Lotte bullpens had to go on the mound under conditions of high fatigue. However, the results were not entirely positive for Lotte. They maintained the top 3 system until May and rose to the top at one point, but have since fallen repeatedly and are struggling to advance from 7th place to the top 5.

The bullpen has no choice but to be sacrificed for a belated entry into the top five. The team that is sure to win cannot take a break without giving up on the season. However, as time goes by without any results, the hope of reaching the top 5 is fading away.

In the game on the 8th, despite Kim Sang-soo’s fighting spirit, they lost again, 3-4. As time passes, the fighting spirit of pitchers inevitably becomes fainter and more meaningless. Is there any meaning in going to the 5th river like this? I’m not saying you should give up hope, but that’s the reality.

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