Laos, Thailand won the first round of the Southeast Asian Championship

On the first day of the DGB Cup Dream League, the 1st Southeast Asian Baseball Championship, Laos and Thailand won.

On the 24th local time, on the first day of the full league held at the DGB Baseball Stadium in Laos, Laos won a cold game over Vietnam 18-1, in the 5th inning, and Thailand also won its first tournament with a complete victory over Cambodia 6-1. Reported.

Laos and Vietnam were specially caught in the opening match because Lee Man-soo, the director of the Hulk Foundation, is conducting a baseball mission. The monks were an overwhelming victory for Laos, but that Laos was actually similar to Vietnam when Lee Man-soo started his baseball mission.

Vietnam has a great significance in that second baseman Quan posted an RBI for the first time in baseball history.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Thailand, which won over Cambodia, has emerged as a strong candidate for the championship in this tournament.

With the first schedule of the 3-day schedule over, on the 25th, the first match between Thailand and Laos will be played, followed by Vietnam and Cambodia, and Laos and Cambodia respectively. Laos and Cambodia play two matches in one day.

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