Kim Nam-guk, a stock master when he was a student, even earns commissions by brokering corrections and corrections

Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who voluntarily withdrew from the Democratic Party due to the suspicion of investing billions of coins, recorded a record of 5th place in the country in a mock stock investment competition during his college days and also worked as a brokerage business for editing self-introduction letters for entrance exams when he was a lawyer. It is interpreted that he tried to make various money to raise investment money after learning the sense of investment through mock investment since his school days.

On the 19th, as a result of comparing the writings of many online communities and the personal email address of Rep. Kim Nam-guk, Rep. Kim participated in a mock stock investment contest for college students hosted by a media company and a securities industry association in September 2007.

In the article announcing the results of the contest, the name of Congressman Kim, who ranked in the top 5, the university he belonged to, his ID, and the rate of return were disclosed. Here, it is listed as 5th in the ranking, affiliated Chung-Ang University, name Kim Nam-guk, and email ID ‘ smb1022’ .

Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who ranked 5th in simulated investment in college
The rate of return is 295.11%, the turnover rate is 63921.85% (total transaction amount compared to the investment principal), the number of trading days is 29 days, and the number of trading items reaches 58. The fact that there are 58 trading items out of the number of trading days in a month or so and the turnover rate exceeds 60,000% means that you enjoy day-hit investing considerably. In coin investment, Rep. Kim also showed a propensity to trade 40 types of unlisted coins over the past two years, buying and selling in a short period of time.

Rep. Kim, who has acquired a sense of investment through this mock investment, seems to have been absorbed in preparing income for actual investment. Circumstances were also found in which he attempted to raise income through mediation of personal letters for entrance exams while serving as a doctoral program and lawyer.

After graduating from law school, he posted an announcement saying, “Looking for a teacher to guide me in correcting my letter of recommendation,” on a recruitment information site that is mainly used by master’s and doctoral students in the doctoral course at Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Public Administration. The article was written through the e-mail address that Congressman Kim used until his lawyer days.

A post written by Rep. Kim Nam-guk, recruited by Cheomsak Academy teacher
He wrote, “While preparing for the doctoral course at graduate school, I suddenly came up with a plan to establish a self-introduction writing academy, so I want to find a teacher who can edit my self-introduction online and provide career counseling카지노사이트.” Congressman Kim expressed it as ‘establishing an academy’, but after registering as a business, he also reported mail-order business. It seems to have been a brokerage service in the form of collecting master’s and doctoral students in the form of part-time jobs, connecting high school students and other entrance exam students who want self-writing guidance offline or online, and earning a kind of fee income.

There are traces of an internet homepage, but it has now been closed. It was confirmed that the business site was closed on May 29, 2020, right after Congressman Kim was elected as the 20th member of the National Assembly.

Company Information
Since the end of the same year in 2012 when the company was established, Rep. Kim has worked as a lawyer at a law firm, served as a juvenile protection committee member at the Ministry of Justice and a public assistant at the Seoul Family Court.

Rep. Kim also wrote in an announcement at the time, “I am trying to reduce the company’s profits and pay as high a salary as possible.” He said, “Please write down the remuneration you want,” and “Please also write down how many students you can teach per week.” Maeil Economy contacted Rep. Kim to inquire about the establishment of the academy, but Rep. Kim did not respond even after reading the message.

Rep. Kim’s attempt to earn commission income through service brokerage while working as a lawyer draws attention as it is similar to earning commission income through coin investment brokerage business. According to the records in Congressman Kim’s Coin Clip wallet, Congressman Kim also acted as a kind of broker who supplied liquidity to the unlisted coin market and received commissions.

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